Wu Lei refuses to invite the Premier League team because of a little left behind the Spaniard

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Wulei Weekly Updates Again Due to the intensive schedule after the La Liga rematch, Wu Lei only showed a beautiful view of Barcelona at dusk. Wu Lei wrote:”Barcelona at dusk is suitable for ascending to the horizon, the Sagrada Familia in the distance, the unfinished miracle.”

The Spaniard has determined the relegation in advance, the team The current head coach Ruffet is only a transition candidate. According to Spanish media Corbe Radio, the Spaniard intends to invite Mallorca coach Vicente Moreno to coach next season. Mallorca is currently ranked 19th in La Liga, 4 points behind the relegation zone, the situation is not optimistic.

Moreno’s contract with Mallorca expires in 2022, he may leave after the end of the season, the Spaniard intends to pay him a 1 million euros cancellation fee to invite him Coaching. Moreno is 45 years old, coached Mallorca in the summer of 2017, and then led the team to upgrade in the next two seasons.

According to the”Cathay Sports News”, Wu Lei has rejected the invitation from the Premier League team. He decided to stay with the Spaniard and join the team for the next season West Division B because he and his family have adapted to life in Spain. Earlier news said that both the Premier League Wolves and Watford are interested in signing Wu Lei. So far this season, Wu Lei has made 47 appearances for the Spaniard in various competitions, scoring 8 goals and 1 assist.