Wu Xiaohui:Full of confidence in Shenhua’s new season

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July 15, Beijing time In the afternoon, the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Team held a new season expedition ceremony at the Oriental Pearl Tower, a landmark building in Shanghai. At the ceremony, Shenhua officials announced the joining of Yang Xu and Ma Zhen and the return of Nigerian foreign aid Martins.

Before the season, the expedition ceremony was held in the Oriental Pearl Tower. This has become Shenhua’s traditional reserved program in recent years. The club’s team ascending together also brought good wishes for the new season. Different from previous years, due to the impact of the epidemic, this season’s Super League will only officially start next week. The new format and intensive schedule will really bring no small test to the teams. In such a special environment, Shenhua team also considered again and again and finally decided to still hold the expedition ceremony, not only to see off the team but also to give each player a chance to communicate.

The club chairman Wu Xiaohui said at the ceremony:”I am confident in Shenhua’s new season. You can see that our strong recruiting lineup this year is a strong complement to the team’s lineup. The outside world questioned Shenhua The introduced players are too old. I have counted 9 of our current 33-year-old veteran players, but their current status is completely no problem. It can be said that all of them are treasures. They will definitely get for the team for the new season. Good results to lay the foundation; in addition, the team has 14 players of golden age, they are in the mature harvest season, which will be very helpful to stabilize the team; we have 6-7 young players, they also have The ability to play is the team’s hope for the future. It is with these players that Shenhua can achieve good results to create conditions for the whole team to work together to play an unswerving summit attitude and bring more results to the fans. Let the city of Shanghai become a blue ocean again, and hope that we can also celebrate the team at the end of the season.”