“Xiangyanghong 03 Ship” captured this in the South China Sea for the first time…

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The reporter learned from the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources that the”Xiangyanghong 03″ ship, which is conducting scientific research and equipment sea trial application tasks in the South China Sea, has recently succeeded in Shen Fox two large samples of deep sea lice were obtained from the deep sea area of ​​Lupo, with an individual length exceeding 10 cm. This is the first time in our country that the deep sea water lice sample was captured by the in situ trapping equipment in the Shenhu land area of ​​the South my country Sea.

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Researchers recycle Lander trap system

Deep-water lice belong to the order of arthropods, crustaceans and other orders, and are endemic to the deep sea. They are typical deep-sea scavengers. They mainly feed on the corpses of marine organisms that settle to the bottom of the sea, and play an important role in the deep-sea bottom ecosystem. Character.

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Deep sea giant water lice sample

“Deep water lice are recorded in the southeast sea of ​​Qiongnan in China. This time it is found as a new distribution area in the South China Sea, and the water depth is deeper.” Mou Jianfeng of the benthic group of the three marine institutes said that in the next step, scientific researchers will develop the sample in depth. Taxonomy, molecular biology, ecology and other aspects of research to determine its specific species, study its evolution process and ecological status.

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Scientists are processing frozen samples of deep sea lice

In recent years, based on the research needs of deep-sea benthos, the three marine benthic research groups have designed and developed a series of deep-sea benthic sampling, in-situ observation and analysis equipment, which has formed a wide range of deep-sea terrain and landforms. Habitat characteristics and short-term trapping and long-term in-situ observation systems for full water depth requirements, the development of sequence equipment such as benthic skid net imaging system, bottom plankton larval stratified sampling system, etc., has improved China’s deep seas in the deep sea, ocean mining area, polar abyss, etc. Research capabilities in the sea. An important task of this voyage is to carry out the test application of this series of new equipment.

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Reporter:Lan Shengwei Correspondent Long Zouxia He Xuebao

Photo:Ocean Three Office