Xiao Qiang recently wore a pair of braids in a floral dress, 52-year-old girl looks good if she looks good, but her eyes are slanted

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In the entertainment circle, there are beautiful women who are prosperous and others are lamentable. Xiao Qiang was once the type that was sighed by the audience. Because of facial skin problems, her face was once”swelled”, and the exquisite facial features in the past were also exceptional Old-fashioned. However, looking at Xiao Qiang’s recent photos, it is not difficult to find that her facial condition has improved a lot. Although her skin is still”swollen”, it looks a lot more natural. 52-year-old Xiao Qiang wore two pigtails and wore a patterned T-shirt with reduced age, and the whole person looked very energetic.

I have to say that Xiao Qiang’s skin condition is very well maintained Yes, the whole face is shiny and glossy, and the delicate facial features are clear and harmonious. Such a face with a girl’s full hairstyle and white T-shirt floral skirt, the whole person is extra girly, and comes with a sweet atmosphere. From the perspective of wearing effect, Xiao Qiang’s figure is also very good. It does not look thin and thin, but has a certain sense of curve, which makes the whole person feel light and aura.

Of course, today’s Xiao Qiang is more prosperous than when her face value is at its peak. There is still a certain gap. Even if it is a refined picture, it is not difficult to see that Compared with the dignified and beautiful facial features in the past, Xiao Qiang’s face still looks a little”mouth skewed, eyes slanted”, it does not look so delicate and attractive. However, compared to the swollen face with heavy makeup in previous years, it is a lot more natural. For this gap, we can only say that no matter how beautiful it is, don’t try some beauty products that are too exaggerated. Keeping your vitality and natural sense will often be more beautiful.

Of course, because the body maintains a very good relationship, although Xiao Qiang’s facial condition is not as good as when she was young, but the overall value is still online. When she participated in the artist’s painting event, she wore pleated tulle jumpsuits. She was very tender in the flesh pink dress. Her long hair deepened the overall sense of elegant literature and art. Xiao Qiang looked energetic and energetic. Elegant beauty.

The embroidered dress in the forest green department, Xiao Qiang also wears it very much Pretty. This dress with a tulle perspective design just displayed Xiao Qiang’s superior body curve, and the light green fabric also has a good effect on the skin color. Xiao Qiang left a shawl with curly hair when wearing it. The overall appearance is more feminine, fresh and natural. The whole person looks very temperamental and has the charm of a mature woman.

However, Xiao Qiang’s recent styling is not all very close to her As a female star who has gained popularity early, Xiao Qiang’s aesthetics in clothing inevitably have a sense of nostalgia, and some dresses are somewhat rustic. Just like the floral tube top skirt in the picture below, looking at the floral style alone, it is not difficult to see the &34; rustic atmosphere & 34; of this skirt, the large red and green flower design is almost difficult to find Suitable for its wearer. Xiao Qiang was still in a rural environment when taking pictures of this skirt, which made the rustic feel of this skirt more obvious. This kind of tube top design skirt also exposed the problem of Xiao Qiang’s head-to-shoulder ratio to a certain extent, making her look big and small, not so coordinated.

So is the green floral top with pale pink tulle skirt From an objective point of view, the tulle skirt worn by Xiao Qiang is still very suitable for her style, fresh and soft without losing the sense of elegance and elegance, which sets off Xiao Qiang’s temperament. However, this kind of jacket with too strong color and large print design looks a bit old-fashioned. The combination of satin fabric and dark green fabric makes the whole jacket extra rustic. It is used as a daily match and it is difficult to show Xiao Qiang’s vitality. sense.

Because of his good figure, Xiao Qiang also dare to wear it everyday, Various miniskirts, leggings and so on. Some of them are pretty good, but the pink-purple pleated skirt she wore when she was at the airport with grey leggings is not so suitable. Although Xiao Qiang’s figure is very good, the combination of pink, purple and gray looks very cheesy. Xiao Qiang also used an ultra-short top to match, and the whole suit was full of women’s wind. After wearing it, Xiao Qiang became very inconsistent, and she could not highlight her elegant and feminine appearance.

On the contrary, as long as you wear some very exquisite designs, look Xiao Qiang looks very beautiful in clothes that look very goddess. For example, the white printed shirt skirt shown in the picture below, pinched waist and slim-fitting shape set off Xiao Qiang’s figure is beautiful, the color printing on white background is alienated and elegant, visually elegant, and more expensive. Xiao Qiang wearing this skirt is elegant and feminine, with a classic charm.

White shirt with national style half skirt, this elegant art The dress is also very suitable for Xiao Qiang. Flowy long curly hair and a set of light and elegant clothing make Xiao Qiang look energetic and have a delicate and soft feeling. There is no doubt that this type of dress fits well with her looks and style and can maximize her personal advantage.

As the former”Taiwan’s No. 1 Beauty”, Xiao Qiang debuted From the beginning, it gives people elegance and pure beauty, without losing the sense of nobility in literature and art, and at the same time very feminine. This type of appearance is undoubtedly the more natural the facial state, the more fairy and expensive the costume is, the more beautiful it looks.

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