Xie Fei United coach:Valdy has made great efforts to succeed, nothing can stop him

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Live it, July 17 News Premier League in the 36th round of the Premier League, Leicester City will host Sheffield United at home The game will start at 1:00 AM on July 17, Beijing time. Sheffield United coach Wild said in an interview at the pre-match conference that Leicester City striker Valdy, Wild I greatly appreciated him and admitted that Vardy’s career was successful because of his extraordinary determination and perseverance and his persistent efforts, and refuted those who despised Valdy, believes that his success depends on good luck.

Wild said:”When our team wins, I often choose to go to the bar to relax with a drink. Sometimes when I sit at the bar, I really hear some words that I can’t help but endure. Some drunkards will say:’Look, I could have done it’ or’I just lost my luck’, and’I was injured, good luck did not come to my head.’

“Do you know what these people say? They just sat in the corner of the bar watching TV, and whispered:’I could have been the one on TV’. Okay, but that’s not you, me What I want to say is to see that it’s really not you.Because you didn’t do anything at all, you won’t be the one who appears on TV, you won’t be like Valdy Shine in front of the camera.

“You haven’t proved that you can do it. When you face a setback, you don’t even move forward one step, you are constantly retreating and avoiding. You There is really no effort, so you can only go to the bar to talk and think about your”successful career that you can have”, But Valdi is different from you, he has really worked hard to gain Success. So shut up.

Wild added:”I evaluate Valdy from a professional perspective. He must have a hard career behind his successful career. Like Vardi, the rejection of the team he liked must have taken a hit, and he cheered up to prove that people were wrong. He was at Stokes Bridge, at Halifax, fought all the way in Fleetwood, he used his name to show his name, until later Nigel Pearson took a million The transfer fee in pounds sterling introduced him, it was a big bet, but Leicester City bet on it, this is a reasonable investment.”

“In order to play in the Premier League and The Champions League proved his worth, he helped the team win the Premier League championship, he became the England international, he kept scoring goals, I believe that until the moment before he stopped breathing, he was still motivated and determined to move on. Valdy is a natural football player and he has written an incredible story in football.”

Waldi’s career was not all smooth sailing. In his early years, he played for Xie Wednesday U18, but was refused to leave by the team, and then turned around in the lower league until he was coached by Leicester’s Nigel in 2012. -Pearson signed and joined Leicester City to start his Premier League career.

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