Yu Qiuyu’s fairy-like sentences, there is always one that makes you amazing

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1 I can no longer read the hand-written verses, only the couplets with dragons and phoenixes on the columns. No more generous hatred can be found, only a few pavilions can be used for hanging and resting. Never look forward to the tremor of history, only the ancient lake and mountains sitting in awe.

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2 Maturity is a bright and dazzling brilliance, a round but not greasy sound, a calmness that no longer needs to observe others, and one that has finally stopped appealing to the surroundings. The atmosphere, a smile that ignores the noise, a kind of indifference that has been washed away by extremes, a kind of thickness that does not need to be announced, and a height that is not steep.

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3 The most moving thing is the nobleness in suffering, and the most impressive thing is that the nobleness is also noble. With this kind of nobility, people can sing poetry on the edge of life and death, they can use their little warmth to dispel the ice of others’ hearts, and then they can use the humiliating body to light the fire of civilization.

4 Drink a few sips of magnolia in the morning and eat a handful of autumn chrysanthemums in the evening. As long as the heart is beautiful and firm, even if the face is thin and lean, it won’t hurt. I took the root of the root of Angelica dahurica, and then stringed the pistils of Pterocarya chinensis together, and wrapped Hymphaceae with fungus and rubbed it into a strip Long rope. I want to pursue Gu Xian, and I will never obey the world.

5 This is the wasteland of Chinese history:the horseshoe like rain, the cry like thunder, the blood like note. The white hair of the mother in the Central Plains, the distant look of Jiangnan Chungui, and the night crying of the Huxiang children. The farewell under the hometown of Liu Shao, the glare of the general when he roared, the flag after the helmet was abandoned. With a blast of smoke, another blast of smoke, all drift away.

6 No matter how important you are in the future, you will eventually escape from the excitement one day, ride alone, and just want to meet the mountains and flowing water. If you go far, you may meet a person, like a woodman, like a passerby, who appears in the flowing water between you and the mountains. Just a few words make you shocked. However, Tian Dao cannot tolerate such perfection, you are destined to lose him, and at the same time lose most of your life.