Zhang Ziyi’s family of four picking peach, wearing casual clothes is hard to hide the superstar Fan Er, the height has been surpassed by Little Apple

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No matter in which season, pants are one of the protagonists of girls’ daily wear, especially jeans, as a combination of real wear and wild, it can meet a variety of wearing styles, and a variety of Topwear items are not easy to create a sense of violation, and the difficulty of driving is relatively low. It often appears in the celebrity wear of stars, such as Zhang Ziyi Recently, I went to the mountains with my family to pick peaches, wearing the simplest T-shirt jeans, a casual dress is also hard to hide the superstar Fan Er, the height has been surpassed by Little Apple

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Although the fabrics of jeans are almost the same, the available versions are very rich and varied, among which the ones that can cover the meat are thinner. It is a denim wide-leg trousers. Not only can the fluffy trousers design block the leg fat, but its wide trousers design can also add a touch of elegant atmosphere to the single product. Any lady of any shape can control it. The jeans worn by Zhang Ziyi in this shape are combined with the wide-leg version and the worn tassel border of the hem, which can create a retro street atmosphere.

The combination of”T-shirt + jeans” CP is the best in this summer A popular set of wear, whether it is a T-shirt or jeans, is a casual item, which can ensure the uniformity of the whole body wearing style, at the same time bring a comfortable wearing experience, but also make the shape more youthful and A sense of vitality, the effect of age reduction is great! Like Zhang Ziyi, she wore a yellow T-shirt and denim wide-leg trousers. The combination of yellow and blue not only dazzled the eyes, but also catered to the summer atmosphere, and it was a bit sexy in casualness. .

The casual style is often more common and lacking Styling highlights, if you want to make the whole body more attractive, you need to choose some eye-catching accessories embellishment, such as a printed baseball cap is a good choice, which can meet the needs of summer sun protection and sun protection, and can also be printed The pattern adds a lot of color to the shape, and the style attributes also fit well with the whole body. Zhang Ziyi’s LOOK wears a red lips printed baseball cap, with square sunglasses and nude pink makeup embellishment, which is both refreshing and casual but also special.

The utilization of small black pants in women’s daily wear, Don’t lose to jeans at all. It has the black “shrinkage” slimming function and the versatile attributes of basic colors. As long as you avoid tight black pants and choose better straight black pants, then even if you are legs Thick-legged star benders, getting straight long legs is also a breeze. This time, Zhang Ziyi wore a pair of straight black trousers and matched the same color top, which can bring a sense of visual extension, make the body look more slender, and then elongate the legs.

Pants are not as wearable as straight pants There are tapered pants. Tapered trousers are actually the”pipe pants” among the booming population. The special design of the upper and lower width can meet the dressing needs of girls with thick hips and wide legs. The shape looks more perfect, only highlighting the slim calf and ankle position. The one worn by Zhang Ziyi is tapered trousers. The high-waist version design and pleating treatment under the waist also avoid the over-loose version of the trousers. At the same time, it enhances the layering of the shape and optimizes the proportion of the figure.

No matter what version and what kind of fabric pants For a single item, as long as it is a cropped trousers, there will be a risk of rollover. After all, the length of the crop is just stuck in the position of the calf below the joint, which will shift people’s visual center of gravity and make the figure become five. Not to mention the five bodies, there are some sloppy and temperament, fat and short. No, Zhang Ziyi stepped on the thunder and wore a cropped cropped trousers. The old-fashioned plaid pattern and the cropped cropped cropped trousers instantly lowered the temperament of the whole person. The earthy taste is old-fashioned.

By comparison, the pants are longer than the knee 4- The 5cm Bermuda shorts can highlight the figure more. Its loose version and four or five minutes of trouser length design can block the thick thighs, cover the meat and thin, just a simple match, you can create a retro and fashionable Street styling. For example, Zhang Ziyi wore a white Bermuda shorts and a suit jacket of the same color. It is not as rigid as the traditional suit shape, but it can also create an elegant and elegant senior.

Whether it is cropped trousers or Bermuda shorts, there is no real The shorts come cool, especially the A-line shorts, the version is close to the A-line skirt, which can modify the leg shape to the greatest extent, bringing a sense of sight of the trousers skirt, while bringing a wave of show leg operation, pear shape Girls are also suitable to wear. Zhang Ziyi wore a high-waist A-line shorts while watching a show abroad. The suit fabric that is not easy to fold enhances the high-quality texture of the single product. It is sloppy and fanciful with the suit suit.

Zhang Ziyi’s family of four picking peaches and wearing casual attire Superstar Fan Er, whose height has been surpassed by Little Apple. No matter the style or collocation of trousers, there is no less than skirts. Even girls with poor leg shapes can perfect the figure by choosing the right pants to make the leg shape look more perfect.

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