Zhanjiang nationality”after 00″ teenager Chen Mingling was included

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Source:Zhanjiang Daily-Zhanjiang News Network

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On July 15, the reporter learned from the Zhanjiang Culture, Sports, Tourism Bureau:The Chinese Basketball Association announced the latest issue of the July 14Chinese women’s basketball team national team training list. Among them, Zhanjiang’s”after 00″ teenager Chen Mingling is on the list.

It is reported that the Chinese Basketball Association issued on the 14th the”Chinese Basketball Association’s letter regarding the organization of the 2020 National women’s basketball training camp”:In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Chinese Basketball Association plans to organize a women’s basketball national team training on July 19, 2020. Head coach Xu Limin recruited 26 athletes in this training. Among them, Zhanjiang’s”after 00″ teenager Chen Mingling is on the list.

Chen Mingling is Zhanjiang’s first teenager to be selected for the Chinese Women’s National Basketball Team in the official Intercontinental Competition. In 2000, Chen Mingling was born into an ordinary family in Xinxing Village, Xiayang Town, Xuwen County. The elementary school studied at Xuwen County Experimental Primary School. Chen Mingling was a”tall girl” from an early age, and she was very athletic. She started playing basketball from the first day of school and was selected for training at the Guangdong Sports School in 2011. In the 14th Guangdong Provincial Games Women’s Group B basketball game held in Zhanjiang in 2015, Chen Mingling, who was only 15 years old and was already a member of the Provincial Youth Team, helped the Zhanjiang Sports School team get the third place and achieved Zhanjiang. The best record of basketball in the provincial games. In 2017, she won the second place in the Women’s Basketball Team under the age of 18 in the 13th National Games held in Tianjin with the Guangdong Provincial Youth Women’s Basketball Team. Soon, Chen Mingling was selected to the Chinese National Youth Team. In September 2018, the General Administration of Sport awarded Chen Mingling the title of”Sports Elite”.

Chen Mingling is 192 centimeters tall. He is a fast attacker, can shoot in the middle, can hold the ball forward, can defend from the perimeter, and can rush to the rebound. At the U18 Women’s Basketball Asian Championships in October 2018, Chen Mingling defeated Japan’s National Youth Team with the finals of the Chinese National Youth Team, won the championship trophy, and was shortlisted as the only player representative of China in the Women’s Basketball Asian Youth Best Player (MVP) ) Three shortlist. In July 2019, the U19 Women’s Basketball World Youth Championship was held in Thailand, and Chen Mingling won the fifth place with the Chinese U19 Women’s Basketball Team. With his stable and outstanding performance, Chen Mingling was selected for the Chinese national team for the first time in 2019 and became the first Zhanjiang player to be selected for the women’s basketball national team. Last September, she won the women’s Asian Cup runner-up with the Chinese team.