Zhao Liying’s variety show is exhausted! Sitting on the roadside, backache and back pain are uncomfortable, and the expression is unreasonable

By yqqlm yqqlm

On July 15, Zhao Liying recorded the latest Reuters exposure of the variety show”Chinese Restaurant”, the goddess’ first resident variety show after the birth It was also quite hard work, and did not slacken up in the work. As a result, I was photographed sitting on the side of the road. It was suspected that the back pain was uncomfortable. The face was full of forbearance. The fans shouted.

In the photo, Zhao Liying has a long hair shawl and delicate makeup. The face is sweet, and I can’t imagine being a mother. And her lower body is dressed in overalls and Martin boots, the shape is capable and cool, it is simply the goddess of salt and sweet. I saw that she pulled the trailer and walked out of the”six relatives do not recognize” pace, full of gas.

However, it is really not easy to work outdoors in high temperature, After being busy for a while, Zhao Liying sat on the stone platform beside the road. She held her hands on her waist, closed her eyes and frowned slightly. She was full of faceHealth Irresistible, looks really tired.

The petite and exquisite Zhao Liying worked hard in the sun, and was tired When the backache is sore, he sits on the floor and rests. Fans are all distressed when they see it.

Zhao Liying’s comeback this time, not only has her body recovered as before, her face value has climbed to the peak again, her temperament has become more elegant and advanced, and she exudes a charming charm. Previously, there were a lot of Reuters exposures. Under the lens of passers-by, no beauty filters are needed, and the goddess is in super good condition, which is full of praise.

But after all, it is less than half a year after childbirth, this physical strength and physical fitness They have not yet reached the best state, but they have actively cooperated in the reality show. It is not easy for the goddess to make milk powder!

The other sideFeng Shaofeng is also working hard. Today, he appeared in the start-up ceremony of the new drama, which is different from Zhao Liying’s increasingly young girl state. Feng Shaofeng seems to be a lot older and has a vague head. The gray hair, the figure also has a tendency to be blessed, netizens teased, have Ying Bao’s nutritious meals been eaten by Feng Shaofeng?

It’s really hard work for both husband and wife to start working to earn milk powder. Zhao Liying has always been dedicated to work, but she still needs to pay more attention to rest. All right!