Zhong Nanshan and his wife CBA live watch match Guangdong leads 48 points to sweep Jiangsu

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Guangdong has a big score over Jiangsu. Photo courtesy of Visual China

China Youth Daily client, Beijing, July 3rd (Zhongqing Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Liang Xuan) CBA rematch continues, with Guangdong Bank of Dongguan team and Suzhou Kendiya team in The Dongguan Division met. The first-ranked Guangdong team continued its big score victory over its opponents, sweeping the Jiangsu team 129:81. Academician Zhong Nanshan and his wife, who were invited to watch the game, witnessed the Guangdong team’s 21st straight streak.

This season, the Guangdong men’s basketball team has been advancing all the way, showing a strong dominance, especially in the seven rounds of the rematch. The opponent has an average net win point of more than 35 points. This shows that its The overall combat power is more than one and a half points ahead of other teams. The Jiangsu team’s performance this season is relatively sluggish, ranking only 15th with 14 wins and 23 losses. Although the team’s performance has gradually recovered after the return of small foreign aid Blakeney, the face of the strong Guangdong team still lacks competitiveness.

Although the key figures of the two teams, Yi Jianlian and Wu Guanxi both missed the match, the Guangdong team’s strong performance did not give the game Suspense left, but heavyweight guest academician Zhong Nanshan and his wife were present, giving the game more meaning.

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Zhong Nanshan and his wife visited the CBA site. Photo courtesy of Visual China

For the safety rematch, the CBA Alliance specially invited Academician Zhong Nanshan and his team to provide guidance and help to formulate a detailed epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency plan. Zhong Nanshan said,”Because of the epidemic, Everyone’s need for spiritual culture is very urgent. Although there are no fans to watch on the scene, there are definitely more fans in front of the TV than usual. You have taken a good lead and you will be the Super League in the future. You have contributed to the whole country. The spirit is very worthy of my study.”

It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Zhong Nanshan’s wife Ms. Li Shaofen is the first A generation of women’s basketball players, after retiring, served as Guangdong women’s basketball coach and vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association. CBA’s epidemic prevention and control can be supported by Zhong Nanshan and the team. Her communication and help are indispensable. In addition, Zhong Nanshan himself is also a senior basketball fan. When referring to the similarity between medical workers and athletes”do not give up until the end”, he said,”I still remember Wang Shipeng the far left three-pointer at the last left of the 2006 World Championships, there is also a Shenzhen vs Xinjiang, the last second Gu Quan passed to Shen Zijie‘s lore, I really admire your spirit. I often use your spirit to inspire the team and thank you for your contribution to the national spirit of encouragement.”

The competition site, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of CBA, presented a custom-made Guangdong men’s basketball uniform to the Zhong Nanshan couple. The jersey was printed with the”36″ symbol of their birth year in 1936 and their respective names. Yao Ming then asked:”When will the fans return to the scene again?” Zhong Nanshan said that this time it was mainly due to the epidemic in Beijing, which was pushed back to see the epidemic situation in other countries is still very severe. It is estimated that the audience will return There must be a process on the spot,”We are working hard and hope that some spectators will come in to watch the game during the finals. Because the spectators really want to watch the ball.”

Source:China Youth Daily Client