Zhong Nanshan and his wife visited CBA Dongguan, Yao Ming presented the No. 36 jersey

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Wen/Yangcheng Evening News full-media reporter Zhou Fangping

Zhong Nanshan and his wife arrived at the Bank of Dongguan Basketball Center tonight to watch the CBA match of the Guangdong Bank of Dongguan team against the Jiangsu team.

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of the CBA, presented Zhongshan with the 36th Guangdong Hongyuan Team jersey. Zhong Nanshan said:”CBA restart can give us a spiritual boost.”

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Zhong Nanshan (right), Li Shaofen stepped in Bank of Dongguan Basketball Center

CBA released a poster yesterday with the theme”Mysterious Guest”, revealing that there will be a mysterious guest coming to Guangdong team to Jiangsu team tonight Match scene. The man on the poster was just a back view. Although CBA did not specify who it was, it was the familiar academician Zhong Nanshan from the body.

Zhong Nanshan and his wife departed from Guangzhou by car at 3:30 pm to Dongguan Basketball Center. Director of Guangdong Sports Bureau Wang Yuping and Vice President of China Basketball Association, President of Guangdong Basketball Association Liu Kejun and Academician Zhong went to the arena together. At 6:30 in the evening, academician Zhong and his wife Yao Ming and others had a working meal in the arena, and then waited for the game to begin.

Before the game, Yao Ming presented his 15th jersey in the national team to the wife of Zhong Nanshan in the lounge Li Shaofen . Later, Yao Ming gave the Zhongnanshan couple the 36th Guangdong Hongyuan jersey printed with the names of Zhongnanshan and Li Shaofen in the center of the stadium. The number was chosen because the Zhongnanshan couple were born in 1936.

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Yao Ming (first from right) presented the Guangdong Hongyuan Team No. 36 jersey to the Zhong Nanshan couple

Yao Ming flew to Dongguan the night before. In addition to discussing cooperation matters with some sponsors, the main task is to accompany Academician Zhong and his wife to watch the game.

As early as the CBA planning restart stage, Yao Ming revealed that CBA specially invited Academician Zhong Nanshan as a consultant to provide more scientific and professional advice for the league restart work. He said that the reason why so smoothly invited Academician Zhong to provide professional guidance for the restart was that he was a”son-in-law of basketball”-his wife was in the 1950sChina Women’s Basketball‘s national player Li Shaofen.

When talking about the successful restart of CBA, Zhong Nanshan said:”At the beginning (the epidemic situation) was relatively tense, but when it was initially controlled, especially when China was doing well in the first stage, it should start Considering resuming work and resuming production.” He believes that during the epidemic period, there are many difficulties in resuming production and resuming production and all aspects of life, and a spirit of uplifting is very much needed. In such a period, CBA restart has a very special meaning.

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Zhong Nanshan and his wife communicate with Yao Ming

Zhong Nanshan also revealed that he is a fan of the Guangdong team:”Like pepper pepper (Hu Mingxuan), Xu Jie, their bodies are not good, but the ball He played very well.”

He likes to watch CBA games very much.”Like the Guangdong team against the Beijing control team a few days ago, I thought it was a close match, but the Beijing control team took a strategic abandonment. There are still some regrets.”

He said that he used to play basketball every Saturday for more than 30 years, until he was 70 years old, and then slowly reduced the number of games. For the 2006 Wang Shipeng lore, the Slovenian team helped the Chinese team advance to the quarterfinals, and the full length of the CBA Shenzhen team Gu recently passed to Shen Zijie scenes such as lore Xinjiang team, Zhong Lao, who is over 80 years old, is still vividly remembered, like a few treasures.

As for when the audience can enter the game, Zhong Nanshan said in an interview with Yao Ming:”Now the epidemic situation in some countries is still relatively serious, and it takes a process for the audience to enter the game. However, you can consider letting some fans enter the venue, and then gradually let go depending on the specific situation. (There are spectators watching the game) is one direction.” (For more news, please pay attention to Yangcheng faction pai.ycwb.com)

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