Zidane talks about Bell:reporters want to get things done, they won’t succeed

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Tomorrow’s game against Villarreal, Real Madrid can win the championship if they win, coach Zidane announced before the game It was pointed out that this will be the most difficult game in the near future.

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About Villarreal

This is an excellent team that always proves that they will play football , I think tomorrow’s game will be the most difficult game we have encountered recently.

About Hazard

He’s better, he’s in a good condition, and he’s not troubled by recent injuries. This is good news. Let’s look at it tomorrow. See how it will be arranged.

Real Madrid urges fans not to go to Cibeles Square to celebrate

Tomorrow we have a game, there is a lot of noise around the team:celebration, vacation, etc. Wait, but tomorrow we must play, this is the most important, we must focus on here. There is a lot of talk outside, but for the players and all the people who work here, we only think about tomorrow’s game.

Do the players think they are already champions?

No, we have to put in energy every day, which gives us motivation. Before things happen, we don’t know what will happen.

The last two rounds of Real Madrid only need to tie to win the championship

I don’t want two draws, this is not Like or dislike, we are here for one thing only:thinking about tomorrow’s game and winning, this is our motivation, we are preparing for this. I don’t have to think about if tomorrow is a draw, there will be another draw on Sunday… No, we will go all out tomorrow, as in all games. The opponent is also very good.

After losing to Atletico 3-7 in the preseason, you said it will be a great season

We can’t feel about going Satisfied, when you lose and your opponent scored seven goals, the matter is here, and the daily work that follows is the most important thing. To cheer up, we did just that. We are satisfied with our current performance, but like all players on the day I lost, I was very angry.

Modric is 34 years old, the same age as you retired that year< /h2>

There are many similarities, but the most important thing is the player’s feelings, what he wants to do, this is the first. I am 34 years old and hang up boots, but Luca (Modric) definitely wants to keep playing. He has performed very well this season, we know what kind of player he is, we like him, just like we like Sergio (La Like Moss), both are 34 years old.

Real Madrid’s ability to withstand adversity is quite outstanding

I think it is true, but after the game with Granada, I am as usual After watching the video, I think the performance in the second half is obviously not as good as in the first half, but we know how to endure hardships, and it is not so outrageous. The team continued to fight until the last minute, the opponent scored, they replaced two energetic players…

After the epidemic, Real Madrid are more eager for the championship

The players know the history of the club when they join, know what kind of club this is, its goals, and our long-term ambitions. What is special now is that when the league restarts and we stay at home for three months and then start working again, the players want to do some great things. This can be seen from the training and the game. I saw that they performed well in training and wanted to make a difference.

Is Bell’s condition in the dressing room affected?

Oh my god, buddy, this question… we are thinking about tomorrow’s game, and Gareth (Bell) is also one of us. You want to do things with us, but you won’t succeed. We are very united, what we think is the same thing, exactly the same thing, he, J Luo and everyone.

Do you think you are underestimated compared to other coaches?

No, I am very lucky to be here and in this club and enjoy every day, this is my motivation. If someone says I’m bad, I won’t be angry, it won’t change my character.

About Benzema and the Golden Globe Awards

In the football world, everyone can have an opinion, for me, I The players are the best. Not only this season, Karim (Benzema) has performed well for many seasons. The Golden Globe Award can only be given to one person, and everyone can have their own views, but in my opinion, all my players deserve the prize.

The champion after the epidemic has special meaning

We think of our fans because, as you said, many people have experienced bad things Things, and even continue to experience, football is a way for people to gradually forget the pain, this is what we want, so we strive to win something for the fans who can’t come to the scene, they will see us doing I hope they are proud of the team. Must go all the way.