​Verona, Italy hit by severe hailstorm, region declared a state of crisis

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According to an Italian news agency ANSA, on the afternoon of the 23rd local time, severe hailstorms occurred in the province of Verona and its surrounding areas in the northern part of the country, causing waterlogging and road blockage in cities such as Verona, and there were at least 500 A tree was uprooted by the strong wind. The chairman of the Veneto region announced that the worst-hit several cities in the province of Verona were in crisis. The fire department received more than 220 calls from people asking for help, and the civil defense and police departments also put staff to respond overnight. There are no reports of casualties caused by this severe weather.

△Picture source:Ansa, Italy

It is a preliminary observation by the Italian Homesteaders Association that the severe weather may cause millions of euros in losses to the agriculture in the region. At present, relevant departments have carried out post-disaster road cleaning and house restoration work. (Headquarters reporter Deng Zongyu)