85″retrogrades” from PowerChina went to Pakistan to perform maintenance tasks

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Source:Economic Daily-China Economic Net

Economic Daily-China Economic Net Karachi, August 31 (Special Correspondent Kang Congqin) On August 28, local time, 244 China Power Construction Technology The staff arrived in Pakistan by chartered flight. Among them, 85 employees will soon be engaged in the C-level maintenance work of the Qasim coal-fired power station.

On the day of arrival, Qasim Power Generation Company held a welcoming ceremony for the”most beautiful retrograde”. Class C maintenance refers to the inspection, evaluation, repair, and cleaning of the unit based on the laws of equipment wear and aging. It is reported that this overhaul will last two months.

“Please rest assured that the people of China and Pakistan, we must live up to expectations and trusts, ensure the successful completion of the Qasim Power Station’s maintenance tasks in 2020, and contribute our full strength to the safe and stable operation of Qasim Power Station,” employees The representative made a statement at the ceremony.

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In the first half of this year, the power generation of the coal-fired power station in Port Qasim, Pakistan, increased by 18%compared with the same period last year. As of August 18, the cumulative power generation of Qasim Power Station in 2020 has exceeded 6 billion kWh, and the cumulative power generation has been 22.5 billion kWh since the first unit was put into operation. On August 19, the Qassem coal-fired power plant has been operating safely for 1,000 days since the first unit was put into operation, without major safety accidents.

As Pakistan’s current large-scale thermal power plant with the largest installed capacity, the highest load, the lowest electricity price and the most power generation First, the safe and stable operation of the Qasim Power Station is vital to Pakistan’s economic development and people’s lives. While greatly alleviating the local electricity shortage, the project also contributes to local employment. It is reported that during the construction period of the Qasim Power Station, it will provide 3,000 jobs for the local area each year, and during the operation period, it will provide more than 500 jobs for the local area each year.

It is reported that in addition to going to the Qasim coal-fired power station to support the maintenance work, the power construction staff who returned to Pakistan this time chartered will also invest in the LUCKY coal-fired power station and the wind power project group assistant local production and construction of the East China Institute. To promote the construction of”China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” key projects.