Dozens of high temperature records may be broken in the western United States

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Hawaiwang, August 18th This week, The western United States and southwestern Canada will usher in hot weather. Dozens of temperature records are expected to be broken, and 56 million people have received high temperature warnings.

According to CNN, a ridge of high pressure is located over the western United States, which will bring sunny and hot weather and is expected to continue this week. Meteorologist Gene Norman said:”The historic heat wave in the western region may last until the 19th, and nearly 70 cities may refresh or tie the record.”

The death valley record on the 16th To a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit (about 54.4 degrees Celsius), which is the highest temperature recorded on Earth since 1913. In addition, due to doubts about the validity of the measurement results in 1913, this may be the most reliable record ever, and it may be broken again.

On the 17th, Phoenix and Las Vegas are expected to usher in 115 degrees Fahrenheit (about 46.1 degrees Celsius) ) High temperature, which will break the daily high temperature record in Phoenix. From now to the 19th, the daily temperature in Salt Lake City will exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 37.7 degrees Celsius). All three cities will be in a high temperature warning state until the evening of the 19th. (Overseas Net-USA-Qiao Shanshan/Intern Compiler Li Kaiyan)

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