Every 21 o’clock | Western Theater:The Indian army once again illegally crossed the line today and blatantly provoked the situation, causing tension; the price of pepper dropped, and the average annual per capita consumption of pepper in Hunan was 100 catties

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1丨Western theater:The Indian army illegally crossed the line again today and blatantly provoked the situation, causing tension

According to Xinhua News Agency, the spokesperson of the Western Theater Command, Colonel Zhang Shuili, made a statement on the situation on the Sino-Indian border on August 31. On August 31, the Indian army undermined the consensus reached at the early multi-level talks between the two sides. The area near the Qin Mountain Pass once again illegally crossed the line to take control and blatantly provoked, causing tension on the border. The Indian side’s move has seriously violated China’s territorial sovereignty, severely undermined the peace and stability of the Sino-Indian border area, and rebelled against it. China strongly opposes this. We solemnly request the Indian side to immediately withdraw its illegally crossing troops, strictly control and restrain the front-line troops, earnestly abide by its commitments, and avoid further escalation of the situation. The Chinese military is taking necessary countermeasures and will pay close attention to developments and resolutely safeguard China’s territorial sovereignty and peace and stability in border areas.

2丨The British government estimates that the second wave of the epidemic may cause more than 80,000 deaths

According to Xinhua International, the British media exposed it on August 31 According to a government report in the United Kingdom, if a second wave of the new crown epidemic occurs, a”reasonable worst-case scenario” is that more than 85,000 British people will die. British Health Secretary Hancock told The Times on August 30 that the large-scale”cities lockdown” measures may be restarted in England and even the whole country due to the second wave of the epidemic. The “reasonable worst-case scenario” that the British healthcare system needs to face is to deal with the surge in new crown cases and the flu outbreak at the same time. Hancock also predicted that an effective new crown vaccine may not be available until”sometime next year”.

3丨Macau will issue 290 million patacas to attract mainland tourists

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government will On the 31st, a total of 290 million patacas of consumer vouchers were issued through the WeChat platform to attract mainland tourists to visit Macau.

4丨The 3-year-old girl was entangled in a kite and thrown into the sky, staying in the air for about 30 seconds before landing

According to CCTV News, yesterday, Taiwan’s Hsinchu Kite At the festival, a 3-year-old girl was wrapped around her neck by a kite with a slender tail, and went straight into the sky. Due to the strong wind, the girl stayed in the air for about 30 seconds before landing slowly. When the kite was about to land, everyone rescued her. Fortunately, the girl had only minor bruises, but she cried because she was frightened

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=703dad3b532ff0266826d9a1a3c43737 - Every 21 o'clock | Western Theater:The Indian army once again illegally crossed the line today and blatantly provoked the situation, causing tension; the price of pepper dropped, and the average annual per capita consumption of pepper in Hunan was 100 catties

5丨The price of pepper dropped by 30%. The average annual consumption of pepper per capita in Hunan is about 100 jin p>

According to CCTV News, since the beginning of this year, the continuous rainfall has affected the pepper plantation in some areas, and the national pepper production has declined. The price of pepper in some areas has increased significantly in July and August. However, the weather has turned fine recently. Centralized listing and overall price decline. Changsha Haijixing Market is the vegetable hub with the largest trading volume in the country. The reporter learned that in the past two weeks, the single product trading volume of peppers has increased by 4%, the price of green peppers has remained flat, and the price of red peppers has fallen by 21%. Some merchants stated that the price of chili peppers this year will be reduced by 30 to 40%compared to previous years. Xiaomi chili was sold for four to five yuan at this time last year and more than two yuan this year. Hunan is a major pepper consuming province, and the annual per capita consumption of pepper is about 100 jin.

6丨US stocks pre-market:three major US stock index futures rose slightly, Weilai Auto pre-market Down over 7%

Market dynamics

Before the market on Monday, the three major US stock index futures rose slightly. As of press time, Dow index futures rose 0.03%, S&P 500 index futures rose 0.09%, and Nasdaq index futures rose 0.17%;

The well-known Chinese concept stocks had mixed pre-market gains on Monday. As of press time:Alibaba rose 0.73%, JD fell 0.81%, Weilai Automobile fell 7.62%, Ideal Automobile rose 0.91%, and Bilibili fell 0.61%.

Company news

ZTO Express once rose more than 10%before trading on Monday, and foreign media said the company plans to list in Hong Kong for a second time;

Apple and Tesla rose nearly 1%before the market. Today is the first trading day after announcing the stock split;

According to Reuters, the European Commission said on Monday that it will lead the World Health Organization (WHO) A proposal to purchase a new crown pneumonia vaccine donated 400 million euros for the joint purchase of future vaccines for the benefit of low-income and middle-income countries in the EU;

Guangshen Railway (NYSE:GSH) US stocks Monday A pre-market announcement stated that the company intends to apply for resources to withdraw American Depositary Receipts (ADS) on behalf of Class H ordinary shares from the NYSE Market;

Chinese concept stock NIO (NYSE:NIO) US stocks issued an announcement before the market on Monday, saying that it will issue 88.5 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) at a price of US$17/ADS.

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