Fengdu:Preliminary work of Liziwan Pumped-storage Power Station is progressing in an orderly manner

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Hualong.com-New Chongqing Client at 6:30 on August 31 (correspondent Li Dayuan) Chongqing Fengdu County Chestnut The Bay Pumped-storage Power Station is a priority major reserve project and a key start-up project in the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Western China. The upper reservoir of the power station is located in Lianhe Village and Lizi Village of Lizi Township; the lower reservoir is located in the Damaigou section of the lower reaches of Jilong River in Lizi Township. The project is expected to have a static investment of about 7.7 billion yuan and a dynamic investment of about 9.5 billion yuan. Up to now, the early stage work of the Liziwan pumped storage power station is progressing in an orderly manner, which has laid the foundation for the start of construction of the project in December 2021 basis.

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The pivotal project of the Liziwan Pumped-storage Power Station project is mainly composed of multiple sub-projects such as the upper reservoir, the lower reservoir, the water transmission and power generation system, the ground switch station, and the underground powerhouse system. The project 05, Liziwan power station site drilling operations. The initial planned installed capacity is 1.4 million kilowatts, and four mixed-flow reversible pump-turbine generators with a single unit capacity of 350,000 kilowatts are installed, which are designed for 6 hours of continuous full power generation. The total storage capacity of the upper reservoir is 8.99 million cubic meters. The lower reservoir has a total storage capacity of 12.54 million cubic meters and a rated head of 565 meters. The power supply scope of the power station is the Chongqing Power Grid, and the system mainly undertakes tasks such as peak and valley filling, frequency modulation and phase modulation, and emergency backup. The power station is initially planned to be connected to the Fuling 500 kV substation about 50 kilometers away from the power station with 2 lines of 500 kV outlet.

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“The designed annual power generation capacity of the power station is 837 million kWh, and the pumped storage power is 1.116 billion kWh. Can this goal be achieved by then?” In response to the author’s question, Qiu Shuxian, the person in charge of the research and design stage, answered Said that the Liziwan Pumped-storage Power Station has an advantageous geographical location, good storage conditions for upper and lower reservoirs, sufficient water sources, convenient external traffic conditions, convenient access to the system, and feasible engineering and technical solutions. At the same time, the construction of the power station will help alleviate the peak-shaving contradiction of Chongqing Power Grid, improve the operating conditions of thermal power, and improve the safety, stability and reliability of power grid operation. It is conducive to energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, and conforms to the requirements of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

It is understood that the construction of the Liziwan Pumped Storage Power Station is scheduled to start in December 2021, and the first unit will be connected to the grid at the end of December 2029. At the end of December 2030, all 4 units will be connected to the grid. . The total construction period is 6 years and 6 months.

After the completion of the power station, the natural landscape formed by the upper and lower reservoirs, as well as the new infrastructure such as roads, can promote the development of local tourism and promote the sustainable development of the local economy.


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