German media:Next, inciting xenophobia will become the”campaign secret” of the US Republican Party

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The website of German”International Politics and Society” published an article entitled”Trump’s Toxic Legacy” on August 7th. The author is Philip Adorf, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Bonn. The article predicts the actions that the U.S. Republican Party will take in future elections, which is to use racist resentment to achieve its electoral advantage . The article is compiled as follows:

In future campaigns, the Republicans in the United States will regard incitement of xenophobia as the secret to winning the campaign.

Even if Trump leaves the White House after the November election, he will leave his legacy, especially on political issues. This will have a profound impact on the social cohesion of the United States-using racist resentment to achieve its electoral advantage.

Some Trump supporters attribute the president’s election success to factors that are more tolerable than “racism,” such as the economic consequences of globalization and the decline of the entire region. But in the party’s primary election, Trump won because of his xenophobic stance. From one of his speeches condemning immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, to his”Muslim ban”, Trump has repeatedly returned to the old path of nativist hatred during the campaign. If anyone questions Trump’s strategy as a politician, it must be recognized that within the Republican Party in the 21st century, this calculation has great prospects for success and will continue after Trump.

Trump has branded himself as a populist and nativist. On what basis did Trump succeed? Statistical surveys show that low income is definitely not the decisive feature of Trump’s grassroots voters. The degree of dissatisfaction with ethnic minority groups is even more prominent.

Trump may express xenophobia in a more open way than the previous Republicans. For decades, driven by conservative politicians and strategists, it was the fear of white Republican voters that made Trump’s victory possible. For a very important part of the core voters of the Republican Party, the coexistence of different races in the country has become a zero-sum game:if a group is helped to correct historical injustices, their social progress will inevitably be white (conservative) majority. The price of social status.

Therefore, the future population development has aroused great attention from white Republicans, because in their view, most structural changes will also be accompanied by changes in the balance of social power. Nearly 70%of Republicans believe that discrimination against whites today is as big a problem as discrimination against minorities. According to another study, about one in five people even believe that discrimination against whites is more common than discrimination against ethnic minority groups.

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Profile picture:On June 20th, Trump in the United States Oklahoma Tulsa Speech at the election rally held in the city. (Xinhua News Agency/Midland)

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