New York prosecutors launch an investigation into the Trump Organization’s widespread and persistent crime

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According to the US”Capitol Hill” report on the 3rd, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office hinted on Monday that its subpoena against President Trump’s tax returns was against”the possible widespread and prolonged criminal activities of the Trump Organization.” Part of the investigation includes allegations of potential fraud detailed in recent media reports.

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New York prosecutors stated that news reports about President Trump’s financial history provided sufficient information for him to request a large amount of information from Mazars in the grand jury investigation. Reason.

Prosecutors wrote in court documents filed on Monday, “In light of these public reports that the Trump Organization may have extensive and long-lasting crimes, summoning Mazars to not Any seemingly inappropriate (even particularly unusual) place. Summons Mazars in connection with a complex financial investigation, requiring accounting firms to provide 8 years of records.”

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A footnote in the court document lists three relevant articles published in 2018 and 2019 Media coverage of the president’s financial history. One of them was a report by the Washington Post last year, which claimed that Trump exaggerated his net worth to potential lenders and investors.

The prosecutor also mentioned that a 2018 investigation by the New York Times found that when Trump ran the Trump Organization in the 1990s,”Suspicious tax schemes” were adopted, including”blatant fraud.” A report in the Wall Street Journal detailed the allegations against Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen that the president asked him to pay hush money to two women who claimed to have extramarital affairs with the president. The prosecutor’s office previously cited these allegations when issuing a subpoena.

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Last month , The US Supreme Court ruled by a 7-2 result that Trump has no special immunity from a grand jury investigation, as is the case with the ongoing investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

In response to this ruling, Trump’s personal lawyer filed a new complaint with the Manhattan Federal District Court last week, saying that the scope of the subpoena was too broad and “constituted Harassment by the President”. Trump’s legal team wrote, “This is not a simple request to review a specific business transformation; it is an excessive request aimed at dismantling the president and every related entity from the inside out, without Consider the geographical limitations of the district attorney’s jurisdiction or the scope of the grand jury investigation.”

The prosecutor’s office wrote in a court document on Monday, “The plaintiff The unfounded (complaint) is only to postpone the grand jury investigation. Every day, the plaintiff will effectively obtain the’temporary absolute immunity’ rejected by this court, the appeal court and the Supreme Court.”

Prosecutor Vance’s office responded on Monday that the latest complaint failed to present any effective legal challenge to the subpoena, and the high court has not yet considered and dismissed the subpoena. Prosecutors believe that Trump’s complaint should be dismissed according to the rules of procedure of the Federal Court.

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For this President Trump condemned the New York prosecutor’s investigation of tax returns as”a continuation of political persecution.” When asked about the progress of the matter at the White House press conference, Trump referred the investigation with former special counsel Robert Mueller’s”to Russia. ” The investigation compared with the impeachment investigation initiated by Democrats in the House of Representatives suggests that it was part of a vague and politically motivated conspiracy against his presidency.

Trump told reporters, “This is just the continuation of political persecution. This is the Democratic Party. They failed with Mueller. They failed in everything. They failed in Congress. They failed at every stage of the game. This situation has been going on for three and a half years, four years.” He said,”This is a continuation of the worst political persecution in American history.” He added that he knew nothing about the investigation.