Month: August 2020

Romano:Rakitic’s transfer to Sevillada deal

Live broadcast, August 31, according to reporter Romano, Barcelona midfielder Rakitic’s transfer to Seville has reached an agreement. The player will return to Seville for the first time in 6 years.


The Olympic flame on display in Tokyo

This is the Olympic flame light taken at the Olympic Museum in Japan on August 31. On the same day, the Tokyo Olympic flame was publicly unveiled at the Olympic Museum in Japan. From September 1st, the flame will be exhibited here for two months.


Has been struggling on the edge of a comeback, and now all tasks are running, Fan Bingbing’s development momentum is very strong

There is no shortage of lessons learned in the entertainment circle, but there are still many stars who know their mistakes and come in, but in the end they have to work hard to find a comeback, and they can’t wait to send them”I knew this, why bother in the first place”. Fan Bingbing is a typical case. She fell into an eternal hatred for more than two years. During this period, she was always struggling on the verge of coming back. Others advanced by leaps and bounds, and she stagnated. However, fortunately, Fan Bingbing always insisted on taking magazine work frantically, just to brush up on his presence. The huge pressure on his head slowly moved forward, first opening up the foreign magazine resource market, and then deepening domestic development. After a two-year comeback test, her reputation has improved a lot. The road to comeback has been arduous, but very effective. Overseas editions of magazines have been published, maintaining Fan Bingbing’s popularity. At the same time she is also proving her fashion ability. Fan Bingbing can only accept some magazines before, and now he can accept high-end endorsements. The road to comeback has taken a step forward, and netizens are very satisfied with his endorsement brand. After all, Fan Bingbing is naturally beautiful, well maintained, and endorses beauty. The brand is convincing and the sales volume is impressive.