Tesla shorts accelerate the rout! A huge loss of more than 25 billion U.S. dollars during the year

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The Financial Association (Shanghai, editor Bian Chun) news, Tesla is short”Going farther and farther” on the road of loss. As the stock price of Tesla has seen an”epic” surge, traders who short the stock have accumulated more than 25 billion US dollars. However, in the opinion of analysts, although the stock price has entered the”bubble zone”, there is still room for upside.

The data released by financial analysis company S3 Partners last Friday (August 21st) showed that the year to date, Tesla has lost US$25.4 billion in short positions (based on market value, excluding net financing losses).

Tesla stock price continued to hit a record high, accelerating the short rout. Last Friday, Tesla further entered the”bubble” area. Investors hoped to rush into the”bubble” area before the implementation of its stock split plan. car”. As of the close, the stock price of Tesla rose 2.41%to US$2,049.98. After breaking through the US$2,000 mark for the first time on Thursday, again Set a record closing high.

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According to S3 data, traders who shorted the automaker lost nearly 7 billion U.S. dollars in August. On Thursday alone, they lost more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars at that time. Tesla stock price exceeds $2,000 for the first time in history. As the stock price continued to record highs last Friday, the shorts lost another $619 million.

Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director of S3’s predictive analytics department, said that as short positions continue to be squeezed, the company”stable short returns Supplement has been going on for more than a year.”

However, S3 data shows that there are still many short sellers holding their ground. As of now, Tesla is still US stocksThe most short-selling companies in the market have short positions even surpassing Apple, which has a market value of just over US$2 trillion, as well as technology giants such as Alibaba, Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix.

Data shows that currently Tesla has a short position of 21.31 billion U.S. dollars, and the number of short-selling shares reaches 1065. Million shares, accounting for 7.18%of its outstanding shares. In July of this year, Tesla became the first stock with a short position of over US$20 billion.

Upside still exists

The epic gains have been reduced Tesla‘s share price so far this year has increased to about 390%, and its market value has soared to US$382 billion, surpassing the combined market value of Toyota and Volkswagen in Germany. These two companies are the second and third largest in the world, respectively. automobile manufacturer.

Miller Tabak & Co Chief Market Strategist Matt Maley said:”We used to talk about Tesla The comparison of market value with General Motors. Now we are talking about the comparison of its market value with the entire automotive industry.”

The analyst said, Tesla‘s upcoming stock split may give its share price a boost, although it is temporary.

“My understanding is that when they announce the stock split, the stock price will rise, and when the plan is actually implemented, the stock price will also rise, but it will level off shortly afterwards,” he said. Quoting the experience he learned when he started working on Wall Street in the late 1980s.

Although he regards the”parabolic trend” of Tesla’s stock price as evidence of a”bubble,” But he is still optimistic about the long-term trend of the stock.”Amazon was in a bubble in the late 1990s,” he said.”It (Amazon stock price) collapsed, but finally returned strongly.”

Following the last two months After raising the target price of Tesla, Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in the middle of this month raised the basic target price of Tesla to $1360 , In the”bull market scenario”, the target price was raised to US$2636, because it is optimistic about the company’s third-party battery supply business. This means that Tesla shares still have $600 upside.