The American gangster is so busy. He was released after attempted murder and injured 7 people in 3 shootings.

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The New York Post reported on August 5 that a New York gang member resumed shooting after he was released from an attempted murder.

The local federal prosecutor said that after a Brooklyn gang member was released from bail on charges of attempted murder in May this year, he “returned to his old business” and participated in at least three driving shooting incidents.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=91a4820d74e7dac1a7e81ae6e3aa982b - The American gangster is so busy. He was released after attempted murder and injured 7 people in 3 shootings.

On May 16, Dariou, 23 years old Sutton was arrested on suspicion of shooting a man in the yard of a building in eastern New York, causing serious injuries.

Although Sutton was suspected of attempted murder, he was released on the same day he was arrested on May 20 without paying bail. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office stated that the reason was that the only witness in the case withdrew his testimony.

The spokesperson of the district attorney said in a statement, “At the time of the call, the only witness had withdrawn his testimony, so we did not have enough evidence to detain the defendant.” However, the spokesperson also Said that the investigation is still going on and hopes other witnesses will stand up and testify.

Sutton, who claimed to be a member of the”Blood Gang”, joined in at least three driving shootings less than two months after his release.

Federal prosecutors stated that these gun battles took place between July 13 and 14. Sutton has been involved in six shooting incidents in the past year, and these are just some of them.

In another attack on April 20, surveillance video showed Sutton hiding behind a member of a rival gang in broad daylight and firing three shots at him.

The victim escaped from death.

Federal prosecutors wrote:“The defendant’s violent actions in the past year have caused at least seven gunshot wounds.” Federal prosecutors believe that Sutton’s actions are likely to result in seven deaths. These The reason why the incident did not lead to the deaths of seven people was entirely accidental. Some victims survived. The surveillance video on April 20 clearly proved the fact that the defendant shot and killed.

Last week, a few days after law enforcement officers issued an arrest warrant for Sutton’s apartment in eastern New York, Sutton was arrested again and is currently being held in a federal prison awaiting trial. He faces up to 10 years in prison, charged with possession of a weapon by a felon.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=03b15cd259615b7e39985a311d7af03c - The American gangster is so busy. He was released after attempted murder and injured 7 people in 3 shootings.

Sutton is the second from the left

The prosecutor said that the five suspects Soon after May was released, it appeared in a hip-hop music video of”Crime Rate” by Brooklyn rappers BK Eaz and Billy DntShootEm, which was uploaded to YouTube.

This video seems to be a”tribute” to the rising crime rate in New York in 2020.

In fact, since the outbreak and reopening of the new crown pneumonia in the United States, the rate of violent crime in many places in the United States, including New York, has soared. The New York Police Department’s monthly crime briefing showed that gun violence in New York City “increased significantly” in June compared to the same period last year. According to the report, shootings in New York City in June increased by 130%over the same period last year.

According to US media reports, the US Police Administrative Research Forum reported that in order to reduce the spread of the new crown virus in prisons, the local judicial department released many criminals, and many local courts have closed down. The criminals felt they could go unpunished. In addition, some police officers avoided interacting with the public for fear of contracting the new coronavirus.

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