The ex-wife was pregnant with someone else’s child, but ordered me to remarry her and raise a child. It was both ridiculous and sad

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Everyone has a selfish element in his heart. It does not mean that others are selfish. Everyone is selfish. However, some people have a deeper understanding of selfishness, while some people have a more vague understanding of selfishness.

They are also selfish people. The reason why some people live well and some people live badly is because the former understands what is reasonable selfishness, and the latter There is no classification of selfishness.

The so-called”reasonable selfishness” is actually very easy to understand. In simple terms, it is reasonable selfishness that does not involve gaining or benefiting others. You are only thinking about yourself, you are only responsible to yourself, and you are not calculating or hurting others.

Except for this situation, other levels of selfishness are obviously unreasonable, especially the selfishness that harms others and self, which is extremely unreasonable because it is always Will calculate or hurt others.

The ex-wife of the man below is a typical selfish person. Although her experience looks pitiful, from the overall point of view, she is a” Poor people must be hateful”, let’s take a look at what’s going on.

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East Hello, Mr. Lin:

『I once divorced my ex-wife and wanted to be a People who never look back, because the past relationships are messed up, and the ex-wife is messed up, it’s not worth looking back. However, I don’t look back, but I can’t stop my ex-wife from reappearing in my life to disturb me, pulling me back into my memories.

She asked me for nothing else, she wanted to remarry me. On the surface, it sounds like she is very infatuated, but in fact, it is not because she is infatuated, but because she is desperate and wants to find someone to pay for the rest of her life, so she found me.

The reason we got divorced was because she betrayed the marriage, and after divorcing me, she married the true love she believed.

If that man really loves her, I can bless her. Sadly, any normal person can see that the man is just lying to her, not loving her. I reminded her that it didn’t work. She said she wouldn’t let me take care of her business, so I had to let go and let her fend for herself. It has nothing to do with me anymore.

Sadly, I was already remarried, but she found me again, first confessed that she was cheated by that man, and then said that she was pregnant with that The man’s child asked me to remarry her:”I want to give birth to the child, so you can remarry with me and raise the child together!”

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Don’t say that I have remarried, even if I have not remarried, I cannot remarry her. She hurt me so deeply. I wouldn’t remarry her without a child, let alone she is pregnant with someone else’s child. Why should I remarry her? Why let me raise children for others?

I told her in a good voice that if you want to have a child, you should ask the child’s biological father instead of me. I am not obligated to raise children for others. As for her, instead of listening to what I said, she gave me an order, saying that I must remarry her:”I have found you, so you can’t help it? If I have a relationship with my child, You will be condemned by your conscience for the rest of your life!”

She doesn’t know how to say this kind of moral kidnapping. I definitely can’t be polite to her anymore. I don’t owe her anything. Why should I be a sinner for not raising children for her? I really don’t understand how this kind of person can be so selfish. She was the one who betrayed me, but now the person who asked me to remarry is also her. Why should I live to satisfy her selfishness?

Before I let her go, I gave her two suggestions:Either find the child’s biological father and let him be responsible; or give up the child as soon as possible and have no conditions to support herself The child still bites the bullet to give birth. This is not a great thing, but an extremely irresponsible evil to the child. 』

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=92c8e2a4ccdfcdef63598f8d40c542da - The ex-wife was pregnant with someone else’s child, but ordered me to remarry her and raise a child. It was both ridiculous and sad

Donglin Xiting’s emotional advice:

The last remarks made by the man above are very realistic. For people like his ex-wife, there are really only two ways to go. , The biological father who can find the child is the best. If he can’t find it, he should not have the child if he has no conditions.

Someone who sees this place will definitely say that some child is innocent. This is basically two different things. You don’t have the conditions to have children, and you can’t find someone to raise them for you. There is really nothing great about having a child. It is totally irresponsible to the child, because giving birth to a child is not a matter of three or two days, but a lifetime. If you don’t consider the consequences, it will only lead to tragedy.

The man said that his ex-wife is selfish, and it’s not wrong. His ex-wife is indeed a very selfish person:

First of all, she betrayed her marriage and refused to listen to her husband’s advice. She insisted on being with an extramarital man. This was not true love at all, but selfishness. She wanted to make herself a better life.

Secondly, after she was abandoned by an extramarital man, the last person she should not go to is her ex-husband, because her ex-husband owes her nothing, but she owes her ex-husband’s wife. many. She herself was pregnant with someone else’s child, but asked her ex-husband to have children with her. After being rejected, she began to kidnap her ex-husband morally, saying that her ex-husband did not have children with her as a sinner. This selfish behavior is disgusting.

I hope that other people will not live into this kind of selfish person, and at the same time should stay away from this kind of selfish person. After a person acts as a demon and makes evil results, it is not worthy of anyone’s help. If she uses a way of moral kidnapping to ask you to help her unconditionally, just refuse decisively. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a kind of rejection that you refuse a selfish person. Reasonable selfishness is not excessive at all.