The White House urges that the epidemic relief bill be reached as soon as possible, Democrats reject

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Chinanews.com, August 20. According to a report by the US Chinese website, on the 19th local time, the White House urged Congress to pass a streamlined version of the new crown epidemic relief bill as soon as possible, but the Democrats said that the relief negotiations have made progress. May have to wait until after the Labor Day holiday on September 7.

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According to reports, on the 12th day after negotiations between the White House and Congressional Democrats on the bail-out bill broke down, Senate Republicans launched a streamlined version of their previously proposed $1 trillion bill, hoping to win The leading Senate votes.

At the call of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, the House of Representatives will return to Congress on August 22. Vote on a proposal to reform the United States Postal Service. White House Chief of Staff Meadows called on Democrats to use the opportunity to vote on the streamlined bailout bill, which includes granting bailouts to individuals Checks, as well as funds for personal protective equipment and schools.

Meadows told reporters:”I think the prospect of reaching a streamlined agreement is better than ever, but we still have not reached an agreement. If Pelosi wants to Voting on the proposal… Let us include things that can be agreed.”

However, the Democrats directly rejected the White House and Republicans’ request for a streamlined bill to pass. They said that Americans need to be broad. And accused Republicans of failing to realize the severity of the crisis.

Democratic Senator Kane said he does not expect the White House to take negotiations seriously until the Republican National Convention next week. He also expects that Republicans will vigorously promote the temporary relief measures authorized by the executive order signed by President Trump during the convention.

Kane said:”Once the Republican convention is over, you will see serious negotiations restart. This means we can do something after Labor Day, when we end the recess.”

The Senate and House of Representatives will adjourn on September 8 and 14, respectively.

Source:China News Network