Under the epidemic, the Korean medical community went on strike, and 50%of the operations had to be cancelled

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[Compiler/Observer Net Guo Xiao] As the second wave of the local epidemic spread, the South Korean medical community recently launched a strike due to opposition to the government’s reform plan such as the”expansion of medical schools”. A staff member of a large hospital introduced, Starting tomorrow (27th), nearly 50%of operations will have to be cancelled.

According to the Dong-A Ilbo report, today, the South Korean government has issued an executive order requiring doctors and interns in metropolitan hospitals to return to work immediately for follow-up consultations. Those who violate the order may have their doctor’s license revoked and imposed a maximum of three years. Penalty or a fine of 30 million KRW (approximately RMB 174,300).

This is the first time that the Korean government has issued a business order to full-time and full-time doctors in non-medical institutions.

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Since August 14, the number of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the South Korean capital area has increased sharply, and there has been a shortage of intensive care beds and other medical resources. On the 25th, South Korea’s Deputy Minister of Disease Management Kwon Joon Wook said:“If it cannot be contained now, the medical system will be unbearable.” He also issued a warning:“South Korea is now on the eve of the storm.”

At the same time, however, the South Korean medical community initiated a strike because it was unable to reach an agreement with the government on reforms such as the expansion of medical schools and drug pricing. This is the second strike since August. They also asked the government to increase the treatment.

Affected by the strike, operations in some large hospitals had to be postponed or cancelled. According to hospital staff, 30%-40%of operations have been cancelled today. A staff member of another medical center said that starting tomorrow, 50%of the operations are expected to be cancelled.

Some doctors revealed that, generally speaking, surgical operations are performed in cooperation with the anesthesiology department and the pain department. But this time, many doctors in these two departments participated in the strike.

According to Yonhap News Agency, today, South Korea’s Prime Minister Ding Shijun stated that he will take maximum sanctions against interns who leave their posts without permission within the scope of the court.

The South Korean government has issued an order to return to work for striking doctors in the metropolitan area at 8 a.m. Those who violate the return order without justifiable reasons will have their doctor’s practice certificate revoked and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of up to 3 years or 30 million won Fine.

Ding Shijun pointed out that the new crown crisis is imminent and the government is not allowed to wait patiently for the returning doctors to work.

Moon Jae-in also personally issued instructions for the second collective strike of the medical profession, demanding that relevant departments be severely dealt with in accordance with the law.

Moon Jae-in asked the relevant departments to initiate effective emergency medical plans to prevent the medical scene from appearing blank due to the strike, and at the same time continue to strive for dialogue and consultation with the medical community to solve the problem.

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