Vogel:Everyone is expected to play Pop and Caruso’s playing time may increase

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Live it on August 2nd. Today, the Lakers will face the Raptors. Before the game, coach Vogel accepted an interview with reporters.

Speaking of today’s rotation, he said:”It should be similar to the first game. Everyone is expected to get playing time.”

Talking about Caruso and Witte on the bench For the small lineup composed of Si and Kuzma, he said:”They can find shooting opportunities by dribbling and create opportunities for their teammates. I like this lineup very much. They also performed well on the defensive end.”

Speaking of the playing time of Pope and Caruso, he said:”I may increase the playing time of both of them.”

“There will be a lot of interesting games next, I can’t Turn off the TV.” Vogel said at last.

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