What can’t you do after running, how much do you do? Pay attention

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There are always people or things in this world that are disappointing and disappointing, but the last thing we should do is let ourselves down. Regardless of joy and sorrow, we must face life and move forward with weight. Only those who love life can truly live a more colorful life. All the amazing things in life require experience. The beauty of everything has a process, and the process requires us to work hard and persevere in order to achieve something.

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run, just What you need to work hard on, as long as you do it, you can naturally see your own beauty within a certain period of time. Running can make people change, and this is what is fascinating. In the process of running, you can run freely and freely. We didn’t start to feel tired until the end of the run. At this time, we have to pay attention to some things after running. Don’t do this, otherwise it will only be harmful to the body and cause damage.

1. The air is cool and the clothes are not changed

run After the step, I was sweating profusely, my whole body was hot, and my clothes were soaked. The most important thing at this time is to go back indoors and do some post-run stretching exercises to let the body recover quickly. But many runners didn’t do this. Instead, they were blowing the wind or turning on the air conditioner, which made them feel very cool. As everyone knows, this will only cause physical discomfort, easy to catch a cold, or diarrhea.

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body after running Fever, the pores of the whole body are in an open state, and continuous blowing will cause the cold wind to invade the body and cause cold. The correct method is to return to the room after running, change the soaked clothes in time, turn on the air conditioner, do not blow the air, and close the doors and windows. Lay a yoga mat and do some stretching after running to relieve muscle tension and slowly restore the body to its normal state.

2. Don’t drink too much water, not enough supplementation

Many runners found that after running 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers, they weighed and lost 2 to 3 kilograms. They were ecstatic. In fact, the weight loss at this time is largely due to the loss of body water. We lose a lot of sweat when we run, 99%of which is water. Therefore, after running, the body is in a state of lack of water, we need to replenish water in time, but also to make up water, otherwise it will easily cause dehydration.

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After running, Failure to hydrate in time can lead to dehydration, which can make people more prone to fatigue, dry mouth, and even dizziness. As for how much water needs to be added after running, it mainly depends on the length of running. The longer you run, the more water you need. Replenish water after running. Do not drink large amounts of water at one time, but drink it in multiple doses. If you still have dry mouth and dark urine within a few hours after running, you still need to continue to drink water to make up for it to avoid dehydration.

3. Smoking and drinking, eating and drinking

After running, I was sweating all over, and my body felt particularly comfortable, light, and relaxed. Individual runners choose to smoke a cigarette at this time, which feels more refreshing. In fact, it is not the case. After running, the blood circulates rapidly, the heartbeat increases, and the body temperature rises. Smoking is more harmful to the body than usual. Harmful substances in smoke, such as nicotine, cigarette tar, nitrosamines, etc., can easily enter the bloodstream and cause body poisoning.

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After running , I am too thirsty. Some runners will meet up with friends and drink beer together to quench their thirst. Not only does this not quench thirst in the true sense, but it increases the burden on the heart and kidneys and causes physical discomfort. Although drinking a small amount of alcohol can also play a role in relieving fatigue, it is often uncontrollable once you drink it. The more you drink, the more you drink until you get drunk, which will only hurt your body in the end.

After running, the most uncontrollable thing is appetite. After sweating during exercise, the body consumes energy and feels tired and hungry. We will look for food to replenish our body’s energy. If we do not control our appetite, we will easily eat and drink, especially at the barbecue stalls, hot pots, and skewers for supper. Such intemperate eating and drinking will only make running run in vain. On the contrary, running will increase hunger, and will only eat more. In the end, I can only watch myself gain weight, but regretful.

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In fact, After running the correct diet supplement, adequate carbohydrate supplement is enough, not too much, mainly protein and vitamins. Simply put, after running, eat more meat, more vegetables, less rice, and less pasta. If the day’s running training is an ultra-long distance run, you can drink sports drinks after running to replenish the electrolytes lost by the body.

4. Stay up all night to sleep and not get enough rest

run After you finish, there is one more thing you should never do, and that is staying up late. Staying up late has become a living habit of most people nowadays. Although they know that staying up late is not good, they just can’t control it. Sometimes staying up late is because of overtime work, and sometimes staying up late is pure entertainment. In any case, staying up late is always a bad thing, and for running, you can’t stay up late after running.

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After running Later, the body consumes energy, the muscles are sore and tight. After stretching, the body still needs a good rest to recover more quickly. Ensuring adequate sleep is the best rest. After running, staying up late will do more harm to the body, causing more fatigue and muscle aches for longer, which will affect your daily work the next day.

In addition, the second day after staying up late is not conducive to running, it will increase the feeling of fatigue, the brain is more prone to hypoxia, causing discomfort, and you can’t stay up late after running. cycle. If you stay up late and insist on running for a long time, it will only cause more damage to your body, and even cause unnecessary danger. In any case, running must not stay up late.

What can’t be done after running, which do you think hurts the most? What did you do? Welcome everyone to leave comments, share and exchange, keep running, keep running, and run out of yourself.

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