Who are the Aryans? Which modern country do they come from?

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According to the study of German researchers in the middle of the last century, the blond Aryans migrated from the Aldebaran galaxy to On Earth, the galaxy is located near a star about 64 light years from our planet. They took a spaceship and landed on an island called Atlantis or Tulle. Thousands of years later, the small island sank under water, and its inhabitants traveled to northern Europe to subsequently migrate around the world and create ancient Su Meir, the civilization of ancient India, ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

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Of course, any reasonable person will not believe this A Nazi lie, but a serious pursuit of scientific facts. Most scholars believe that the Aryans are an ancient nomadic people that originated on the northern shore of the Black Sea. They lived in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea in 55,000 BC. The Indo-European tribes between and to the north began to lack land. Although they are not large in number, the nomadic lifestyle requires more and more territory and promotes its expansion. They began to migrate to the steppe areas in the east, and over time they occupied the modern Chelyabinsk Oblast from Russia to Afghanistan The vast area itself. After the integration of historical data, it can be found that this nation is very aggressive. Ancient Egypt, ancient India and Babylon were destroyed by this nation. Historians collectively call this nation the Indo-European nation. Around 3000 BC, the westward branch reached the Balkans and developed into a Greek nation, and the southwest branch crossed the Caucasus Mountains into Asia Minor , Developed into Lydians, the southward group entered Iran and became Iranian, and the other conquered India and became India Of the high caste. The Indo-European races conquered the locals in a devastating manner through these areas, and the original indigenous races in most areas have been extinct, but India may be an exception.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists discovered many commonalities between European languages ​​and Indian and Iranian languages. All these languages ​​were called Aryan languages, and later called Indo-European languages. The surname of the ancient Indian and Iranian people-Aryans was mistaken for the general term of all Indo-European tribes. Archaeologists quickly discovered the so-called Yannaya culture. Due to the construction and use of chariots, cavalry or soldiers in carriages were able to Sweeping Europe and Asia. So why did they leave a large number of offspring? Some scholars believe that in addition to war factors, the Yannaya people have horses and new tools. This may be their advantage. The entire affected land extends from Portugal to Sri Lanka.

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In fact, there is no separate Aryan race Exist, they are just a series of races with common language. The current Indo-European ethnic groups include Tajik, Persian, Gypsies, etc. From Europe to the Persian Gulf to the Ganges River in India, the colors of their skin, eyes and hair range from light to dark.