Woman is still unsatisfied to give birth to 11 children in 8 years, plans to give birth to 15

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According to the British”Metropolis” report on August 15, a woman from the US Kansas gave birth to 11 women Children, but she is still not satisfied and plans to have 15 children.

The 31-year-old Britni has spent 8 years of life in pregnancy. She has 11 children and does not want to stop. Britni said that she had never imagined having such a big family, but once she had her first child, she fell in love with the company of her family.

In 2004, on the 6th day after her 16th birthday, Britni and her ex-husband gave birth to the first child Crizman, and then four more children:Jordan, Caleb, Jace and Cadence . After their divorce in 2010, Britni began to enjoy a single life, and gave birth to his sixth child, Jesalyn, in an unexpected pregnancy in 2012. In 2014, she met her current husband Chris, in the summer of 2015 they had their first child Silas, in 2016 they had Christopher, and last year they had triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel.

The cost of taking care of 11 children is very expensive. It costs US$300 (2082.6 yuan) a week, including 5 boxes of cereal, 66 boxes of milk and 600 diapers.

In addition, Britni’s life is also very busy. After getting up at 7 am, he must first settle the three babies, then prepare breakfast for the whole family, and then check his emails during the coffee break. Then, she has to wash clothes, and her husband Chris is responsible for sending the children to school. After lunch, Britni will read bedtime stories to the triplets. After they fall asleep, she will do something she likes, such as knitting. It won’t be long before she and her husband will prepare dinner and clean up the room. After young children go to bed at 9pm, Britni can watch TV for an hour.

Currently, every two children share a bedroom, and triplets sleep with their parents. When the three babies grow up, they plan to convert the attic and basement into bedrooms.

Britni often shares life photos of herself and her 11 children on Instagram and has more than 8,000 followers . She said that they will be noticed when the whole family goes out, and the children are doing very well. If everything goes well, she would like to build a house by the country pond and raise some animals. (Compiled and reported by China Youth Network)

Source:China Youth Network