Women’s football seeder | From A player to Tibet aid cadre, he uses football to help children out of the plateau

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The Paper Journalist Pu Yaolei

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Chinese women’s football, sonorous rose, was once synonymous with Chinese sports pride.

But the”rose” soil was once restricted and even barren. For the future of women’s football, for more girls to contact and fall in love with football, countless grassroots sports workers are acting.

In this context, the Alipay Charity Foundation and the China Children’s and Teenagers’ Fund and other institutions initiated the”Wind-Chasing Project” to help rural schools in poverty-stricken areas across the country develop football and establish women’s football. The team supports more rural girls to get out of the mountains through football and get more education and development opportunities.

For this reason, The Paper has gone deep into the front line, interviewing and contacting the lives of these grassroots women’s football coaches and physical education teachers. They are the true”seeders” of women’s football.

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The fifth from left in the back row is Yao Hongyuan.

When he was a professional player, Yao Hongyuan might not have thought that one day in the future, he would become an important role in the football career of a group of Tibetan children.

He once played for the Bayi team and is now the fourth batch of cadres of the Chengdu High-tech Zone’s Tibet Aid Task Force. He not only helped SichuanGanzi State The boarding school in the Manigange area of ​​Dege County established the first campus women’s football team and took the children out of the plateau to compete in Chengdu. For those children, this may be a life-changing journey.

In the communication with The Paper Journalists, he also expressed surprise at the simplicity and tenacity of this group of children, and his future plan is to give the children more opportunities to step out of the plateau and broaden their horizons. .

In this process, football has become the best medium.”When you come out to compete with the masters, no matter you win or lose, you will gain. For children, the more important thing is that they come out and watch , Listened, understood.”

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Yao Hongyuan helps children on the plateau”see the world”.

They are tougher than children in big cities

From 1998 to 2003, Yao Hongyuan played for the A-A Bayi football team as a professional player. After retiring, he did not leave the football industry, and engaged in football and physical education for many years at Chengdu High-tech Binhe School.

In 2018, Yao Hongyuan started a two-year aid to Tibet-helping the development of campus football in the boarding school in Manigange District, Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, and became a football background One of his work content.

The good news is that this school, as the only campus football school in Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, does not need to start from scratch in the development of football. Previously, the school was established in 2016. Campus team, and played 3 sessions of Ganzi Prefecture Campus Football League.

But this does not mean that Yao Hongyuan can let go. On the contrary, he conceived an idea to take the children out of the plateau in the name of football:take the children of the football team to Chengdu.

“Many children have never even been to Kangding, and they rarely have the opportunity to go out of the plateau to the metropolis.” For many children, this is the first time they have”entered the city” in their lives.

But it is not that simple to realize this idea.

The first question is money. Yao Hongyuan knows that if the local education department or school or the parents of the students are required to pay, then this football trip may be difficult to manage.

The families of local students are mainly farmers and herdsmen. Dege County also just took off the poor county hat last year. For some student families, they just used money to buy a pair of The sneakers of the ball are already a difficult task.

“One month before and after the event, I was basically in a state of insomnia. I went to find business people and friends I knew to sponsor. In the end, the whole event cost about 140,000 yuan, ranging from equipment to travel expenses. From food and lodging to small gifts, students, parents and the county were not allowed to pay a penny.” Speaking of his initial efforts, Yao Hongyuan also felt quite fulfilled.

But besides money, there is another issue that worries him.

“First of all, I am afraid that the living environment will change too much. The children will not adapt. In addition, the training quality of Tibetan children is definitely much worse than that of Chengdu, and the competition will definitely lose a lot. I am worried that the activities will generate negative energy. , So I also specially prepared a psychological counselor, planning to do a team of psychological counseling after the end of every day.”

“But to our surprise, the next day, I We reached a consensus with the psychological counselor:psychological counseling is no longer necessary, and later changed to a daily summary. Because we see that although the children lose on the court, no matter how much they lose, from their eyes, they fight to The posture of being unable to run, and from the language exchanges between them, it can be seen that they have not given up. They have always been in this state in every game.”

Yao Hongyuan said, these The children’s resilience and resistance to frustration are beyond his cognition.”They are indeed tougher than the children in big cities.”

This football trip took place in July last year. This year Yao Hongyuan originally planned to replicate this form. He has already contacted relevant agencies in Shanghai to take the children to visit Shanghai again, but unfortunately the sudden epidemic can only make the plan temporarily stop.

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Yao Hongyuan took the children to Chengdu to participate in the competition, and also became a caddie.

Compared with material donations, going out is more important

By the end of this year, Yao Hongyuan’s work cycle for Tibet is about to end. But he thought to himself that even if he returned to Chengdu, he hoped to continue the form of football”study tour” and turn the method of taking children out to play into a long-term mechanism.

The changes after the children walked out of the plateau last year gave him the confidence and determination to do so.

In that trip to Chengdu, in addition to the game, the children also visited the stadium of the Sichuan Xingcheng Club, as a caddy in hand, and also visited the museum in Chengdu by the way, especially in The Xingcheng Club’s experience impressed the children.”Thousands of fans on the scene gave them cheering. Many children felt like I want to play this kind of football.”

What you see and feel in the big city has also become an inspiration for the children.”For example, a composition written by a child after returning home, and feedback from teachers and parents say that some children have more goals and motivation in learning , Because he knows why he studies and what he wants to study for. He knows where learning can lead him to.”

“So I think the competition is second, maybe more important The thing is that he found the goal, found the ideal, and found the direction to fight for the ideal.”

“If you come out to fight with the master, you will have gains whether you win or lose, but for children, it is more important. The thing is that they came out, watched, listened, understood. It’s better than letting them stay in the same place forever.”

Because of this, Yao Hongyuan compared to outside material donations. I think it is more important to provide children with more opportunities to get out of the plateau, which is what the children desire.

“Those who walk in to donate and help, see this material environment and the children’s pure yearning for knowledge, they will be educated. They want to be educated. , Let them come out more.”

After the football”study tour” in July last year, Yao Hongyuan learned about the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Alipay Foundation, Ali Sports, etc. The organization cooperated to carry out the”chase the wind plan” to support the development of women’s football in rural campuses. He did not hesitate to sign up immediately and began to prepare various application materials.

More than a month later, the first on-campus women’s football team in the history of the boarding school in Manigange area was announced, and these girls also hope to have the opportunity to go out of the plateau.

“After the women’s football team was established, many girls asked in the first sentence, teacher, when can we go out and play games like boys?”

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=9ec395cb76dccd50012fe5c1520e25b8 - Women's football seeder | From A player to Tibet aid cadre, he uses football to help children out of the plateauThrowing a stone and making ripples

An experience of walking out of the plateau was described by Yao Hongyuan as:a stone was dropped among the children, causing more Many ripples.

“When the child comes back, he will also promote it. They themselves are’little promoters’. They know where to go to play football. And after joining the’Chasing Wind Project’, they donate Building venues and training for teachers, so teachers are more enthusiastic about this matter. Prior to this, it was purely their own hobbies and dedication.”

“Ripple” effect Not limited to this school. Seeing the development of boarding schools in Manigango area in campus football, other schools in the county have also begun to come to consult. This is also the spread of”ripples”.

In Yao Hongyuan’s view, this is an extremely positive signal.

He started playing football at the age of 4 and has been with football for decades. He organized an adult amateur football team in Dege County and participated in the local amateur football league and adult games. He felt that the most important thing for football to be promoted and developed was”people”.

“I hope that more adults can participate in football. With more fans, more people will devote themselves to football. The snowball is getting bigger and bigger and playing football There will also be more and more children, and there will naturally be achievements and talents. Just like plants must have water, soil and nutrients, football is the same. First of all, more people and resources must come in.” p>

When carrying out aid to Tibet, Yao Hongyuan paid more attention to long-term work. Compared to training the football school team alone, he hopes to train better and more campus football coaches. After all, the aid to Tibet has only been working for two years. Only when the local physical education teachers and coaches grow up can campus football be long-lasting.

He once went to Europe to participate in youth football exchanges and learning, and he also brought his various experiences to the stadiums in Tibetan areas.

When attending training in Metz, France, the local coach once pointed out one of his mistakes:Too many children waiting on the court with nothing to do,”As long as there are more than 2 children on a point While waiting, the other party would stop and ask why the child should stand.”

When he came to the boarding school in the Manigange area, he also found the same problem,”Their training will pay too much attention to discipline. For example, you need to line up. More than 20 children are divided into two rows to practice dribbling. Only two children are practicing at a time. I suggest that they open a few more groups. At the same time, in the teaching mode, you can start with the game and touch the ball first. , Instead of many children standing and watching, wasting time and equipment resources in vain.”

There are many difficulties, but it is not a reason to give up chasing dreams

Yao Hongyuan has also thought about whether it is necessary to provide more reasons for school children to play football, such as getting some places to advance to higher education by relying on football.

But after much consideration, he finally gave up the idea.

“It’s very difficult. One is to receive schools. There is no high school with campus football characteristics in Ganzi Prefecture to receive special football students. They can only go to Chengdu to find schools, but the training level of the children here is not small. Quality and time investment cannot be guaranteed.”

“Moreover, the number of special students is very scarce. In addition, schools are also under pressure to enter higher education. To be honest, it is more difficult for these children to meet these standards. Asking someone to take care of you with a shortage of places may symbolically help and accept one or a few, but it is difficult to maintain it for a long time.”

There was a time when an educator communicated with him before. Said:Why do many children in poor areas become doctors, teachers, and civil servants when they think of their ideals? The reason is that these occupations are the most exposed by children, and they don’t know much about many things.”Ideals are achieved by the living environment and horizons, and children need to broaden their horizons. This view I deeply agree.” /p>

The limitations of the real environment are indeed difficult to change overnight. For example, due to the sparse population in Dege County, the development of women’s football on campus has not yet taken shape. The women’s football team that was just established last year in the boarding school in Manigange area, even if mixed training with boys, it is difficult to have the opportunity to play. It is rare in the state and can only play with boys.”

But the difficulties are not the reason for the children to give up their football dreams. On the contrary, active struggle is more important. Yao Hongyuan hopes that the children can go to Chengdu to participate in more games in the future-it is not realistic to participate in the campus football league in Chengdu, but you can consider playing some preliminary matches, warm-up matches, etc.

“Give the children a chance, they may lose a lot in the game, but the more important thing is to get out of the plateau through football and go to a more developed area to take a look.”

” Now that poverty has been lifted, policies and material conditions are getting better and better, and the major trends are upward positive changes. I believe it will get better and better in the future, but the key point is to stick to it.”

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