Month: September 2020

Australian Prime Minister Morrison is going to cancel the hotel quarantine order and change it to home quarantine?”It’s the Chinese community that gives me courage”

Morrison intends to cancel the Australian hotel isolation order and change it to home isolation? Morrison said that the current health advisory agency of the Australian government, the Australian Health Protection Main Committee, is considering whether people from”safe” countries can be accepted at home quarantine.


The war escalates! Troops of the Ya’a battalion engaged in a battle, the Turkish F-16 shot down the runner-up plane, the plane crashed

Due to historical problems, the Naka region between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been in a state of war for decades. In name, the region is owned by Azerbaijan, but in fact most of the people living in it are Armenians. This complex The situation in the Naka region is like a gunpowder keg, which may explode at any time. Recently, the Naka region finally broke out.


China’s first civil aviation company auction:91 bids, Longjiang Airlines 800 million yuan was auctioned

On the morning of September 30, the first airline auction in the history of China’s civil aviation came to an end, and Longjiang Airlines was successfully auctioned for 806 million yuan. According to the online bidding transaction confirmation letter, Beijing Shengda Gold Industry Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., after an open bidding, won the”Partial Value Project of Longjiang Aviation Co., Ltd. 98%Equity Equity Corresponding to the Shareholder Equity” with the highest price of 805,731,040 yuan.