Ali’s new manufacturing No. 1 project”Rhino Smart Manufacturing Factory” unveiled

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Alibaba’s three-year low-key stealth new business unveiled.

In the afternoon of September 16, Alibaba’s new The manufacturing conference and the opening ceremony of the Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing Factory officially opened. The world’s first new manufacturing platform built by Alibaba-Rhino Smart Manufacturing was unveiled, and its first demonstration plant”Rhino Factory” was officially put into production in Hangzhou.

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This is Alibaba’s”five new” (new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technology and new energy) strategy”new manufacturing The important landing of”” is also an important step for the Internet platform to explore new manufacturing. It provides new ideas, new paths, and new models for the global exploration of future intelligent manufacturing in the digital age.

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Differences from traditional manufacturing

In the new consumption era, consumers have begun to pursue personalized and diversified quality consumption. However, traditional manufacturing is currently facing a lot of problems, and the combination with consumer demand is relatively small, and it is prone to the problem of”turning in the opposite direction”.

Take the clothing industry as an example. Suffer from the overstock of inventory caused by the half-year out of production and sales. And small and medium-sized businesses cannot find smart factories that can produce small batches quickly, making it difficult for the clothing industry to respond quickly, that is, for both manufacturing and brand businesses.

In contrast, traditional manufacturing is based on the production line The capacity and historical experience are used to determine the production capacity, organize production 4-6 months in advance, and start producing down jackets in the summer. Under this model, when the market environment changes, there will be insufficient preparations for explosions, or slow sales will become inventory.

The rhino factory can meet the needs of consumers As the center, use cloud computing big data to open up both sides of supply and demand, and to set production by sales. In traditional manufacturing, it is difficult to connect both sides of supply and demand in real time. It can use artificial intelligence technology to gain insights into consumer demand from large samples such as Taobao Tmall, social information, and fashion trends. The brand’s”how many pieces of this style can be sold next month” level sales forecast recommendations to guide the brand’s production of explosive products.

In addition, traditional manufacturing is large-scale, Mass production, minimum order of 5000 pieces, one month delivery. It is equivalent to the”futures” system. It is difficult to respond quickly to the market when new trends emerge.

The Rhino factory adopted a self-developed flexible manufacturing system And the layout of the Internet of Things, it can be ordered from 100 pieces and delivered within 7 days. Brand owners use new sales on Taobao and Tmall to determine whether to make additional orders or adjust styles. Allow brand owners to respond to trends in a timely manner and reduce risks.

Realize five major innovations

October 2016, Ma Yun first proposed a new manufacturing concept at the Yunqi Conference. In August 2017, Ali established a new manufacturing team and began to develop Rhino Smart Manufacturing. After several years of exploration, it has achieved five major innovations:

1. Factory”smart brain”:

The rhino digital design system links demand and supply on both sides, and can quickly simulate and test 3D, provide a basis for quotation for merchants, provide a basis for procurement for the supply chain, and provide process guidance for production, which greatly accelerates the introduction of new products and changes.

2. Central warehouse intelligent warehouse, cutting, Equipped with:

The Rhino Smart Central Warehouse is like the catering industry The “central kitchen” can be purchased intelligently and supplied flexibly. Rhinoceros is intelligently manufactured. Each piece of fabric has an ID, which can track the whole link, automatic storage management, automatic distribution and intelligent picking. The resource utilization rate has increased by 4 times compared with the industry average.

3. Smart navigation”checkerboard hanging”:

The first”checkerboard hanging” , Through the Internet of Things + artificial intelligence technology, hanging hangers can be automatically allocated to relatively idle stations, which has changed the problem of one-way circulation of hanging clothes in clothing factories in the past and easy congestion.

4. Digital printing

The first digital printing, printing process parameters can be projected Positioning replaces the traditional factory manual frame positioning method, which greatly saves printing efficiency.

5. Environmentally friendly washing water:

Through E-Flow atomization technology, instead of traditional water bath treatment , The water consumption of each piece of washing water can be reduced to 1/3 of the original traditional washing water, which greatly reduces the discharge volume and enhances the competitiveness of washing water.

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LianShang.com previously reported that Alibaba’s new manufacturing platform”Xunxi” (www.xunxi.com) has been launched . The operator of the”Xunxi” platform is Alibaba Xunxi (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 30 million U.S. dollars. This company has been established as early as March 19, 2018. Tmall and Taobao President Jiang Fanshi The chairman and legal representative of the company.

It can be said that the layout of new manufacturing is planned by Ali After many years, it has finally surfaced.

Lianshang.com Senior Advisory Group Member Wang Guoping It is pointed out that new manufacturing is the second link of Ma Yun’s “five new” strategy. While docking with retailers to solve their product manufacturing problems, such as raw materials, standard processes, flexible delivery time, flexible product quantity, etc.; while opening up key manufacturing nodes , To match retailers and meet consumer needs.

In his view, traditional manufacturing cannot Effectively meet consumer demand, which in turn affects channel-side sales. Through the first round of”new retail”, Alibaba has mastered enough consumer data, understands certain consumer needs, and has the ability to reversely transform from channel providers to manufacturing, and open up the consumer-retail-manufacturing link, thereby promoting further improvement of its own business.

Wang Guoping believes that it can change the pain points of the industry , It must be a profiteering industry. It is difficult for the consumer end to transmit demand to the manufacturing end. The manufacturing end is accustomed to self-scale production and is unwilling to lower its value to cater to the consumer end. At this time, a new player is needed to integrate this piece. It is particularly important to enter the game at the time.

Some people in the industry pointed out that Alibaba will make new Manufacturing has key advantages:on the one hand, millions of merchants have generated massive sales demands on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform; on the other hand, Alibaba has accumulated strong technical advantages in the fields of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence iot.

Ali said that Rhino’s goal is to serve 100,000 fashion brands and 100,000 designers. In the future, Rhino will also be open to the whole society, forming an open, interoperable, inclusive, and win-win digital collaboration network (i-DCN) to help small and medium-sized factories achieve digital upgrades. Popularize cloud factories, create millions of new industrial workers, promote the digital transformation of industrial clusters, and lead the upgrading of China’s apparel industry.

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