“Autumn Equinox” this year is”the earliest” in 124 years

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At 21:31 on September 22, the”autumn equinox” solar term will be ushered in. This is a solar term that heralds a bumper harvest. Astronomical experts say that this year’s”autumn equinox” time is the earliest year since 1896 AD.

Shi Zhicheng, a member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Tianjin Astronomical Society, said that the time the earth revolves around the sun is called a”tropical year” or”solar year.” The path of the sun under the background of the starry sky is called the”ecliptic”. Since ancient times, the”Vernal Equinox” has been set as 0 degrees, and every 15 degrees of the sun on the”ecliptic” is defined as a solar term or a middle air. The twenty-four solar terms are therefore 24 specific moments instead of specific 24 days.

“Autumn Equinox” is the fourth solar term in autumn and the 16th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. The exact time to enter the”autumnal equinox” this year is at 21:31 on September 22, which is also the earliest”autumnal equinox” in the past 124 years, and the earlier”autumnal equinox” dates back to 1896, the”autumnal equinox” of this year. The exact time is 21:3 on September 22.

Why did this year’s”autumn equinox” come so early? Shi Zhicheng explained that for the same solar term, each year is 6 hours or 5 hours behind the previous year, and in the case of a leap year, it must be 24 hours earlier on this basis. In this way, the reflection on the date is that the same solar term remains unchanged from the previous year or 1 day behind in normal years; it remains unchanged from the previous year or 1 day ahead in leap years. In this way, there are 3 different Gregorian calendar dates at the beginning of the same solar term. Taking the”autumnal equinox” as an example, there are three situations:September 22, September 23, and September 24.

The”autumn equinox” Gregorian calendar date of 2019 is September 23. Since 2020 is a leap year, there are 29 days in February. Therefore, the”autumn equinox” of 2020 The Gregorian calendar date has been advanced to September 22.

“2020 is a’leap year’, and Gengzi the year of the rat It is also a’leap year’, coupled with the accumulation over the past years, eventually leading to this year’s’autumn equinox’ coming earlier.” Shi Zhicheng emphasized,”‘early autumnal equinox’ is a normal calendar phenomenon and will not adversely affect people’s production and life. The public need not worry, and there is no need to connect with good or bad luck.”

Source:Xinhua News Agency


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