Choose the”classic” backpack, you can really carry it for years

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Nowadays, everyone’s requirements for backpacks are getting higher and higher, not only requiring them to look good on the back, but also to be easy to use. So what is a good usage? In addition to being able to install, of course, it is best to realize the anti-theft function. Therefore, based on this demand, in order to meet the needs of the public, a backpack with its own anti-theft effect came into being. In addition to the functions of a conventional bag, it also has high-value appearance and new functions. It is definitely a product worth starting.

Two-color backpack, look good and better carry

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First of all, it can be clearly seen that it is made of Oxford fabric, so it must be very durable and strong, and the texture is quite good. The second is its appearance. The black and red colors are the most versatile and the most sophisticated colors. Therefore, combining them with the original tailored and elegantly designed bags can even more elegant and charming women. The temperament is presented, completely beautiful and elegant.

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The entire size ratio of this backpack is designed very well , The width is about 23 cm, and the height is about 34 cm, which is close to square processing, which can bring us a better visual experience. If you compare it with real objects, it is about the size of a magazine.

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And the entire weight of the bag is very light, allowing You go out on your back without any pressure. For a backpack, lightness is the most basic thing, which is reflected in its body very thoroughly, using specially customized materials, so that you will not feel tired even if you carry it all day. At the same time, because it is spun with beef tendon, it has very high water resistance. No matter it is rainy day or some special circumstances, there is no need to worry about being trapped by water.

Details create high-quality goods, high-quality does not need to say much

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Look at the details again. Inside are the ones used on the double-open zipper bag. Each sprite key has a good material to prevent color fading. Or it may be rusty. Next, we will focus on its anti-theft function, because the entire zipper is designed inside, which will not give anyone a chance. The advantage of this design is that it can also maximize the aesthetics.

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Compared with red, black will look relatively It is more stable, especially the design on the back of it is more biased towards student schoolbags, so when viewed from the back, it looks more British campus style. At the same time, it also has several different backing methods. In addition to the shoulders, it can also be used for hand-held, because the hand-held part is also very comfortable. The compact car lanes and the suitable width and softness bring us very good Feel.

This bag is generally quite good. The two colors are also very atmospheric, the hardware is particularly shiny, and it is made of multi-layer electroplating, which can avoid uneven color. Happening. The high-quality hardware makes it possible for you to keep the texture down no matter how long you carry it. Coupled with some cute accessories on the bag, you can become more playful and smart while being elegant.

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