Dinosaurs appeared in Renaissance oil paintings?

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Dinosaurs are a wide variety of reptiles, which were extinct before humans appeared. Therefore, dinosaurs and humans are absolutely impossible to overlap. However, in a 1562 oil painting, there appeared a scene similar to dinosaurs and the characters in the painting.

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already The extinct behemoth

The dinosaur first appeared in the Triassic period, about 243 million to 231 million years ago. After the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction event 201 million years ago, dinosaurs quickly became the mainstream of terrestrial vertebrates. Their dominance on the earth continued throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.

According to fossil records, birds are modern feathered dinosaurs, evolved from theropod dinosaurs of the late Jurassic. Therefore, birds were the only descendants of dinosaurs that survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 66 million years ago.

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early dinosaur fossils

It’s not a long time since humans have known the existence of dinosaurs Far things. For thousands of years, these huge skeletal fossils have been the subject of mystery, superstition, and academic wonder. In the 17th century, these bones were made public and are believed to be the remains of ancient giants. It was not until 1841 that British scientist Richard Owen connected these bones with prehistoric animals and named this group of behemoths”dinosaurs”, which means”terrible lizards.”

Since the first dinosaur fossil was discovered in the early 19th century, the hanging dinosaur fossil skeleton has been the main attraction of museums around the world, and dinosaurs have become an enduring part of world culture. Everyone knows that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and have long since disappeared.

However, some details in an oil painting have aroused some people’s interest.

The Secret of Oil Painting

Old Peter·Bruce Gale was a painter in the Principality of Brabant during the Renaissance, famous for his paintings of landscapes and peasant scenes.

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“Saul’s Suicide”

Bruegel specializes in describing life in the countryside, so he is nicknamed”Farmer Bruegel”. In 1562, Bruegel created an oil painting titled”Saul’s Suicide”. The theme was a rare scene of Saul’s suicide after being defeated by the Philistines. This oil painting is currently in the collection of the Vienna Art Museum.

However, if you look at this painting carefully, you will find some strange creatures. There are people around these creatures, and some have riders on their backs. These creatures have huge bodies, sturdy limbs, long necks and a small head, much like brontosaurus. However, as we know, the concept and image of dinosaurs only appeared in the 19th century, nearly 300 years later than this painting.

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“Saul’s Suicide” Partially enlarged

Then Bruguet How did you know the image of these creatures? Has he really seen this kind of creature walking on this planet?

Strange creature

Although some of the There are claims of living dinosaurs in the area, but so far, apart from a few fuzzy photos and some wonderful descriptions, there is no other evidence that this behemoth is still alive. And if Bruegel really painted the animals he had seen, it might prove that humans and dinosaurs once coexisted.

However, there is another explanation that Bruegel may not have painted dinosaurs. From the analysis of the proportions of people and objects in the picture, these mysterious beasts are similar to an animal in Bruegel’s other painting”Animals Entering Noah’s Ark”, this is a camel! Their body proportions are roughly the same, except that the former has a slender neck.

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“Animals Enter Noah’s Ark”

In fact, the For the artist, the camel is a strange creature. In medieval art and culture, camels have special meanings. Although there were already camels in Western Europe at that time, it was not common, and it would be considered a mysterious animal with a territory in the Middle East.

The artists at that time liked to depict this animal in their works, but they often could not obtain complete zoology data of its appearance, such as the length of the neck. Because artists do not have to show all the details, the details and proportions of the camels under their brushes may be very different.

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Perhaps this can answer Bruegel The mystery of the”dinosaur” in the painting is actually a camel with an elongated neck. But all this is also obtained through some reasonable guesses. What is the truth? Whether Bruegel painted a camel with out-of-proportion or an extinct beast, perhaps only he himself knew the answer.