Fan Bingbing, like a mirror, reflects too many things in the world

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Not long-winded, go straight to the topic:

The three characters Fan Bingbing are like a mirror, reflecting the hearts of the people and reflecting many things in the world.

There are many people who like to stand on the moral high ground to show how noble they are.

There are many people who like to throw rocks in the well when others are in trouble.

There are many people who like to spread rumors through hearsay, ignoring the truth.

There are many people who like jealousy and hate, and always want to step on others’ feet to satisfy their poor inferiority complex.

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There are many things, not what you think!

There are many things that are difficult to understand if they are not in their place!

There are many things, it is hard to understand the meaning without involving them!

Do you know?

Fan Bingbing himself is very kind, easy-going, and faithful, but this does not mean that his subordinates have faith.

There are many things, Fan Bingbing is just doing some things arranged for her by many people. She was too easy-going and too easy-going to make others mistake her for her own wishes.

The theory of the rich and the name of Fan Ye has been misinterpreted by some people as arrogant and arrogant. Don’t you know that Yang Tianzhen planned and implemented it in order to get her out of the shadow of the golden lock, and there are also women The prestige is equal to the meaning of equality between men and men. Later these two words were used by some people as a tool to insult Fan Bingbing.

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Some netizens said,

If you get a broker, you lose a broker.

Some netizens also said,

If you are a subordinate, you are a subordinate.

It is precisely because Fan Bingbing is too dependent on her subordinates,

It is also because she trusts her subordinates too much,

Because she is too obedient to the arrangements of her subordinates,


On some things, there will be management flaws, so that when you are caught in public criticism, you can only bear it yourself.

The entertainment industry is not like a group company. Big bosses can cover the sky with one hand. On the other hand, artists are mostly following the arrangements of others. Many times they live in the cracks. Survival is not easy!

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The key to gains and losses lies in the management of subordinates

The responsibility is all Owned

Fan Bingbing is such a person! I would rather carry some things on my own than say a few words about my subordinates. It is no wonder that people in the circle always give a thumbs up when they mention Fan Bingbing. They are righteous, generous and feminine!

It was precisely because of some things that Fan Bingbing was deeply moved.

It seems that no matter how busy you are, you have to go through it again, and you can’t leave everything to your subordinates to arrange and take care of.

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At the same time, through some things, it also reflects some people’s right and wrong views that are worrying.

Take the 700-plus tax evasion people,

Take the 11.7 billion tax evasion,

Knowing that it was illegal, but neither was fined a point, neither was fined a point, neither was fined a point, and left after the payment was made. It is no wonder that Fan Bingbing, an international superstar, is blocking it!

It’s just such a thing!

Tax evasion and tax evasion of 11.7 billion, without being fined a penny, just make up the payment. What is this proof? Isn’t it illegal to prove tax evasion? If it wasn’t illegal, what would the four-fold fine of Fan Bingbing be over six billion?

If tax evasion is illegal, more than 700 artists should also be fined, right?

It can be seen that everything is being handled properly!

It is undeniable that everything is correct for the overall situation, but you cannot use the word”killing the chickens and threatening the monkeys” to excuse more than 700 people without fines after making up the payment, let alone using this word for yourself A person was fined four times as an excuse. That would not stand the scrutiny of the years!

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Time is a good thing

A lot of things can be slowly precipitated The true colors!

Now that Fan Bingbing is about to return to the top, why not?

It can be imagined with toes that many people in the circle do not want her to return to the top. Therefore, there have always been articles and comments on the Internet about Fan Bingbing’s abuse and insults. It’s not surprising.

Those who are clear will clear themselves!

The more you are jealous and hate, the more you can prove your excellence and value!

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People have lived in the world for decades. Instead of living harshly, it is better to face everything honestly!

When we know the true colors of something, we should let it go! Since the state has spared the artists who paid 11.7 billion in taxes, why did they hold on to one person? ?

Okay, that’s the end of the story. I believe that the law of balance on the earth will be unfolded in a certain order, rather than being affected by the words of some people, because time will prove everything. The human nature of tolerance and goodness will fill every corner of the world. Then there will be no more jealousy, no more falling into trouble, no more evil thoughts breeding!

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Reminder:Please don’t compare scientists or soldiers. Finances need to be sufficient. Artists must pay taxes to the national treasury every year. Ten billion is also used in scientific research, national defense, medical education, etc., benefiting the country and the people, and each of us is a beneficiary.

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