Former Shenzhen Football Manager:spent more than 2 billion yuan in three and a half years, and feel guilty for Kaisa

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Tiger Fight, September 24 News Recently, Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House published”I’m Playing Football at Kaisa-Football General Manager Work Notes”, the author is former Shenzhen Football Club boss Li Xiaogang. In an exclusive interview with”Football” newspaper, Li Xiaogang said that this 200,000-word book is worthy of football, Kaisa and himself, and spent more than 2 billion yuan in three and a half years. He is very good about Kaisa and Guo Yingcheng Chairman has guilt.

Why did you write this book?

“After leaving Kaisa, I didn’t want to talk about football anymore, but when I was chatting with a group of friends, once someone mentioned it, the content of the chat on that day became football. This, maybe It’s the magic of the world’s No. 1 movement.” Li Xiaogang revealed that it took about half a year to complete this book.”After breakfast every day, I sit in front of the computer and type, continue after lunch, and repeat.” When we asked him to comment on his work, he described it like this-“A book worthy of football, Kaisa and his own Book.”

What prompted you to write this book?

It should be said that the publication of this book originated from small chats among friends. At that time, not long after I left Kaisa, when my friends got together, they would talk about professional football clubs. Then,”Why don’t you write about these experiences of yours, it should be very interesting?” Under the influence of my friends, I sometimes say something boldly,”I must write something beautiful, and more importantly, yes. Chinese professional football will be very meaningful.”

Later, I told some friends how to write and what to write. The other party always nodded frequently, but at the end there was only one sentence,”Then write it quickly, we are looking forward to it!” After I left Kaisa When it comes to writing this book,”bull” has been blowing for a few months. By the end of last year, even I believed it myself and there was no way out. My friends ask when they see it, when will the book be published? Nothing, just write it!

As a former professional football manager, you should be the first person to write a book. How do you feel?

I wrote a book about the experience and philosophy of professional football management, which I have never seen before. Although I think this angle is of great benefit to Chinese professional football, I also have doubts. Is my work experience representative? Can I write on the idea? Are my views and ideas on professional football perfect and accurate? The theoretical level is not in place? Will the people and things I write cause some controversy, can I express it clearly?

At this time, I will remember that when I first started professional football, I was full of all kinds of worries and concerns about the team, the game, and the many jobs. At that time, Chairman Guo (Guo Yingcheng) told I, first do it according to my own ideas, otherwise there will be no results.

“It’s over!” This is the style and quality that a professional footballer should have. After all the preparations and plans are made, as long as our starting point is good, as long as we think there is Value and meaning should be acted first. If you stay in words forever, nothing will be accomplished.

You have spent a lot of time talking about club management. How effective is this for professional football clubs in China?

I always believe that the core of professional clubs is management, and this management is actually part of corporate management. For this reason, more and more non-professional football players, Become a club executive, which embodies the importance of club management and integration into corporate management.

At present, it is the best period for the development of China’s sports industry. Whether it is the total GDP or the per capita value, it has reached a period of opportunity for the sports industry represented by football to promote China’s economic development. A major trend that cannot be ignored and blocked.

I mentioned in this book that professional football in China lacks knowledge accumulation and reflection and summary. The main reason is that there is no systematic retention of valuable management thinking and practice in the form of words. It restricts the promotion and progress of professional club development and management.

In the professional football circle, we often hear some people in the industry tell their opinions, perceptions and stories, but they always feel fragmented or staged, especially many of them stay in words. , It is far more meaningful than writing it down.

Confucius once said,”There is no word in words, and action is not far.” I wrote this book, no matter whether the words and opinions are rough or not, but the words can be formed, it will definitely be more than verbal excitement. significance. So, no matter what kind of repercussions this book can cause, as long as it can serve as a stepping stone in the development of professional football, I can talk about it.

In the past few years, Chinese clubs smashed tens of billions. What do you think?

In fact, in addition to the emotional”swearing” of public opinion and the subjective”instructions” of government departments, we should listen to the thinking of professional clubs as the main body of professional football marketization in China. The work and management decision-making cases of managers are especially precious to an industry such as professional football that relies on accumulation of work practices.

This will help us clarify the misunderstanding of”professional football” in the society, and it can also help the government better”prescribe the right medicine” when formulating relevant policies. It can also help those who have invested or want to invest in professional football Bosses, have a decision-making reference, and even improve the management and operation of our professional clubs.

Looking back at the experience of playing football at Kaisa, it can be said to be embarrassing. I went from a”layman” who has no knowledge of professional football to an”industry insider” who has some preliminary views on professional football.”It took a full three and a half years and spent more than 2 billion yuan. During this period, the forests planted many difficult decisions and did a lot of hard work. Therefore, when I left Kaisa and bid farewell to football, I was filled with reluctance, of course, there were also regrets and guilt.

Regret and guilt refer to…

There are three regrets:First, the guilt towards Kaisa and Chairman Guo Yingcheng. Chairman Guo’s trust and tolerance have supported my football management career. Kaisa’s huge investment has cultivated my football management ability. Although I rushed to the Super League, there are actually some tasks that should be done better. I have regrets. Secondly, I have been doing professional football in China for so long. I finally distinguished many principles and concepts, but suddenly I didn’t do it. The experience, knowledge and ideas accumulated before cannot continue. I feel that it is also a pity for the Chinese football industry. ; Again, I hope to have an explanation for myself who has put in tremendous effort and all energy.

When I was playing football, it was the golden age of my career. I wanted to give up a few times, but finally persisted. Although I achieved my goal, if I didn’t retain my work experience and management philosophy that I thought over and over again , Indeed regrettable. Therefore, I had the idea of ​​writing this book, a book worthy of football, Kaisa and myself.

It was previously reported that you and Ma Mingyu are going to build a new football club in Sichuan?

Haha, I have actually heard of this, but that Li Xiaogang is just the same as my name. Li Xiaogang, who plays football with Ma Mingyu, is not me.

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