Have extraterrestrial creatures investigated humans? UFOs in the sky are flying saucers?

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So far, we humans have not been able to figure out whether we don’t understand the aliens too much, or whether our activities interfere with the aliens. Since the Soviet Union launched the”Sputnik 1″ satellite in 1957, UFOs have begun to attack some special targets on the earth in a targeted manner. Among them, UFOs attacked a certain military installation in Brazil, which is particularly noticeable.
One night, two Brazilian sentries were on duty in the bunker. They saw two light spots moving in the air directly in front of them. Looking at them, the light spots gradually came closer, and quickly flew to the bunker. The bunker hovered in the air at a height of 300 meters, and then slowly landed. During the landing, the sentry found that the body of the flying object was shaking from side to side. At this time, the orange light emitted by the flying object illuminates the entire turret, making a terrifying atmosphere around the turret.

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The light body descends to a height of 50 meters from the turret Place, stop in the air and no longer fall. When the two sentries saw a circular monster with a diameter of about 30 meters suspended above their heads, they realized that the danger had come to them. At that time, the two sentries had guns in their hands. They did not shoot at the round monster above their heads, nor did they sound the alarm. Because they were blinded at the time, even if it was resistance, facing the huge round monster, it was meaningless.
Just as the two sentries were dumbfounded, the rumble of the machine reached their ears. At the same time, both people felt hot on their bodies and their skins seemed to be scorched. But they didn’t see any light or flames. The two wailed in pain, trying to escape the heat wave’s attack, but one of them couldn’t help but fainted at the scene, and the other hid in the shadow of the bunker. The other sentry heard their screams and knew something was wrong, and soon they entered a state of preparation. However, at a critical juncture, the lights in the bunker were all extinguished, the elevator and the motor that turned the gun body were completely useless, and even the emergency backup power supply failed.

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Moreover, the hot air blows into the bunker , So that other soldiers are equally hot. What is even more strange is that the original electric alarm clock should not go due to a power outage, but it vibrates 3 hours earlier than the scheduled time. In this way, there was a panic in the bunker. A few minutes later, the terrible sound of the machine above my head stopped, and all the lights turned on, and the short circuit of the power supply returned to normal.
At that time, several soldiers clearly saw that it was definitely not a fighter plane, but a huge monster with red light all over it. The soldiers also saw that the behemoth rose vertically in the air, and soon disappeared. After the behemoth left, the other soldiers looked for the two sentries, one of whom was already unconscious and hiding in the shadow of the turret became insane.
After receiving the report, the Brazilian Army Command immediately requested the Air Force to implement air vigilance over the Itelpu bunker. Brazil did not find any traces of strange flying objects after a large-scale search of the accident area.
The UFO attack on the sentry has attracted the attention of the Brazilian government. After contacting the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, the Brazilian government invited the U.S. Air Force experienced in handling UFO incidents to conduct a secret investigation. A few days later, the officers of the US Air Force went to the site of the incident and immediately formed a joint investigation team to investigate the matter.

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In fact, it was Two hours before the attack, a civil aviation plane was taking off for Sao Paulo at the Perudo Arecre Airport in Rio Grandad doslu, 1,000 kilometers away from the Brazilian capital. The aircraft is a C46 transport aircraft of Barida Air. At about 1:00 in the morning, the C46 transport plane arrived in the sky above Araka in the state of Kadarina, and the plane flew northeast. The flying altitude at that time was 2100 meters, and the vision was very good. At this moment, Captain Beyk saw a red spot on the left front of the transport plane approaching them. Out of curiosity, the captain ordered the plane to change its course and fly over to the red light spot.

The plane is getting closer and closer to the red light spot. Suddenly all the members of the plane smelled of burning. The captain was startled. He immediately checked various instruments. He found the automatic direction measuring machine. Both the radio and the radio were burned out, and the right-wing engine was smoking.

As they were busy finding the cause of the accident, the red bright spot was gone. It seemed that the injured plane could not fly to Sao Paulo, so the plane had to turn around and return. Ten minutes after the plane accident, the monster body attacked the Italup Bunker. The investigation team integrated the information and analyzed it. From the time and place of occurrence, the two incidents were clearly connected. In other words, the red bright spot encountered by the transport plane and the attack on the sentinel of the Italep bunker were done by the same UFO.