How old is the oldest civilization in the universe?

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The oldest civilization in the universe is estimated to be billions of years earlier than mankind!

As we all know, the earth was born out of chaos 4.5 billion years ago, and the oldest known planet is psrb1620-26b, about 12.7 billion years ago, and the earth was 4.5 billion years ago. It is more than 8 billion years earlier than the earth. Does this mean that the oldest civilization in the universe has a history of more than 8 billion years?

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We know that the ancient elements in the universe are in the Supernova, so the oldest civilization may be after the first supernova ejected their clouds, and then these clouds condense into new planets Forming. The first stars formed about 500 million years after the Big Bang, and the shortest-lived stars became new stars a few million years later. Then, the cloud must travel through the universe for a period of time, possibly several million years, until it condenses into another star, which takes another ten million years.

So, an ancient civilization takes about 600 million years to form. After that, it needs to form life and then complex life. This step took about 3 billion years on Earth, and after that, it took about 500 million years for civilization to develop and stabilize.

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If the earth is the pattern that all life follows, then you can The earliest civilization in the universe is expected to appear about 4 billion years. After the Big Bang, about 9 billion years ago. If life on Earth is special, for example, we evolve abnormally fast or slow, then this phenomenon may be shortened by 3 billion years.

Furthermore, if there is something in the universe that completely excludes life, complex life, or civilization, then this time period will end early. We do not know of any such phenomena, nor do we know whether they are common enough. Because in the not-too-distant past, X-ray bursts from major stars were too frequent, which would greatly destroy the foundation of all civilizations. Therefore, the first civilization in our universe appeared anywhere from 9 billion to 6000 years ago.

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Star Group I stars are Stars like our sun have relatively high metallic abundance, that is, they have a relatively high proportion of heavy elements. The clouds formed by these stars have enough material to support the formation of planets, which is naturally a prerequisite for civilization. We don’t know how fast the average speed of intelligent life appears on a suitable planet, because we only have one example. If the experience on Earth is normal, we expect it to be 4 to 5 billion years from the formation of a planet to the emergence of intelligent life and civilization. Therefore, we can speculate that the oldest civilization in the universe may have formed 6 billion years ago.