Major case record-kill your family if you dare to break up! This killer is a bit cold

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Injuries or murders caused by relationship problems have always been reported. It seems that they have never been interrupted from ancient times to the present. Is the history of mankind to repeat mistakes?

In 1999, there was an appalling”Okugawa Stalker Murder Case” in Japan. The horror of this case is not only the murderer, but also the police attacking the crime, the media devouring blood, and even the general public attacking the victimized girls…

October 1999 On the 26th, a female college student fell into her own blood. She was stabbed several times with a dagger outside JR Otsukawa Station in Saitama Prefecture, and died after being sent to a doctor.

The name of the deceased was Shiori Ino. The facts of the case were not clear at the time. The Japanese media saw that she was young and had many brand-name accessories on her body, so the facts were clear. Under the circumstances, it was hyped up, saying that”a gold-worshiping female student was killed and suspected of being killed by love.”

The general public easily accepted the script, followed by cursing”so unscrupulous, no wonder they will be cut”, and even went back to educate their children:”So girls can’t Worship money, otherwise it will become like this, you know?”

But what is the truth of the matter?

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19991 On the 6th, Shiori Ino and a friend were shooting a photo in the game center, but the machine suddenly broke in the middle. A boy who claimed to be 24 years old and called”Cheng” stepped forward to help repair the machine, and then took this opportunity to chat with Shiori.

The man said,”I am an importer of high-end cars, and I can earn 10 million yuan a month (Japanese yen, about 610,000 yuan) Oh.”

In fact, this is when Japan’s bubble economy burst. The business of selling cars and insurance is extremely bleak.

All of this man’s identity is fabricated. His real name is”Komatsu Kazuto”. He is 27 years old. His real job is to run a”custom shop”. (Sex trading venue) underworld, but the young Shiori did not doubt this man.

The only real thing about Komatsu is that he has a very high income, but that is what he and his underworld brother earned by forcing young girls into prostitution together.

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soon, Komatsu started dating with Shiori relying on social experience to tease his sister. Every time he drives a luxury sports car to pick up Shiori, give away cosmetics, jewelry, brand-name bags…

Originally, Shiori is not interested in these, just a An ordinary college student who can wear cheap brand clothes, after dating for a month, she finally said to Komatsu, “I think it’s really too expensive to give these. I have received so many gifts and can’t accept any more from you.”

However, Komatsu, who originally seemed gentle, turned his face immediately:”This is the proof of my love for you, how dare you not accept it?! You are a bitch, do you have The wild man wants to run!”

Seeing that the person in front of him clearly intends to do it, Shiori can only remain silent and accept the gift in order not to offend the other party. . Later, when Shiori went to the other party’s house for the first time, she found several video cameras hidden on the bedroom floor.

She asked alertly, and Komatsu was furious again.

“Are you going to rebel against me? Want to leave me? Okay, if you want to break up, just return 1 million yen to come out?” Komatsu scolded while grabbing Hit Shiori’s head against the wall.”If you can’t pay back the money, go and sell me! If you dare to break up with me, I don’t know what you will do to your parents? Is it okay to let them lose their jobs and lose their heads among neighbors?”

Shiori can only temporarily agree to the request for continued communication. Komatsu, who was still furious just now, immediately put on a terrifying smile:”Shiori is really a good boy. Just be obedient, I will treat you wholeheartedly!”

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Since then, there have been countless entanglements. Komatsu can play 20 on the phone and asked”Do you love me?” As long as Shiori doesn’t answer the phone right away, he will be furious.

Later, not only was it physically beaten, but Komatsu started to spread rumors to make Shiori inseparable from him, saying that Shiori went to bed with rich people everywhere. Relying on the brand-name bag to win over Shiori’s classmates, they can get information about her school time at any time.

Gengpai’s subordinates have been monitoring Shiori from school, and even she said to herself after school,”I really want to go out with the group of friends just now. …” Komatsu would call and threaten to break the hands and feet of those friends.

It’s not that Shiori didn’t want to resist, she tried countless times and refused firmly, but in the end she only got a beating. Swallowing and begging to break up, Komatsu asked her to cut her wrists on the spot and agreed to the cut deep enough.

The most terrifying thing is that Komatsu, a gangster, knows how to threaten others. Every time, whether it’s rough or mental violence, Komatsu will make up:What will happen, don’t you care?” Even Komatsu once sent someone directly into Shiori’s hometown to threaten his parents face to face.

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Shizhi no Everyone is stupid. She recorded all Komatsu’s threats and harassment, and was accompanied by her parents to the police.

But the police only said,”That’s all the angry words of a young couple quarreling, we can’t control it.”

The parents dealt with the police station for two full days, fighting hard on reason, and in the end they couldn’t even change a case certificate.

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Komatsu Assuming that Shiori no longer loves herself, her behavior has become worse. He printed hundreds of thousands of flyers and used Shiori’s photos and mobile phone numbers to make pornographic advertisements,”Ino Shiori is looking for a rich godfather♥” and posted them all over the stations and communities.

I also sent dozens of anonymous letters to the company and head office where Shiori’s father works, claiming that”Your company’s Kenichi Ino (the father of Ino Shiori) is a A gambler, raising a mistress outside. His daughter Shiori was engaged in sex transactions outside, and she was demanded for compensation for stealing from a guest. Keno Ino misappropriated the company’s public funds to offset the account. Dignified large companies hired this Scum.”

Shiori and his family continued to report the crime, but the police said they couldn’t manage.”You don’t have any evidence to say that Komatsu and Ren did it?”

Because the police did not intervene at all, Shiori was finally in front of the station and was killed by a killer that Komatsu’s brother paid for—Brother Komatsu In order not to be caught, I made a few turns, and spent money to ask someone who is completely unrelated to do it.

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afterwards poetry weaving It was reported by the media as a female college student who worshipped money, and the social trend “deserves it”. It wasn’t until the only reporter, Qing Shuijie, who thought something was wrong and took the initiative to investigate independently. It took a lot of time to find out the truth and return Shizhi to his innocence.

Only, this young and innocent life will never come back.

After the truth was revealed, Komatsu and Toto were found to have committed suicide by jumping into a lake in northern Japan. From his suicide note, until his death, he believed that Shiori was a”bad woman” who betrayed him, and everything was on his own account.

It is also written that Komatsu was originally going to flee from the north to Russia, but the brother who was in charge of the response has been arrested, and the escape plan has also been ruined.

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After the barrel incident In Japan, there have been many cases of terrorist lovers (or even strangers who consider themselves suitors) killing women. It is only then that Japanese laws and regulations have been gradually revised to include following, surveillance, and waiting in fixed locations. Manage and allow victims to report crimes.

The family of the victim sued the police system and successfully won the case. This also provided a successful case for the Japanese people to sue for”government agency omissions.”

In February of this year (February 2018), the magazine”Literature Spring and Autumn” interviewed Shiori’s father Kenichi Ino.

The father said:“My daughter died three times. One time was killed with a knife, and one time was killed by a police agency that did not accept reports. , Was killed by the media once.”

Writing this article is not to aggravate girls’ panic towards men, but to think about it, if the story 19 years ago sounds so familiar, why We still hear similar stories to this day.

Is it true that human beings really cannot learn to”treat people as human beings”, and these behaviors will not stop?