Match report | Towson beat Brady upset, Lebakina won the French Open for the first time

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2020 season French Open Women’s Singles In the first round, the 17-year-old Danish star Towson, who broke through from the qualifying round, defeated Shinke 6-4 3-6 9-7 with an upset US Open The semi-finals, No. 21 seed Brady, made his debut in the adult Grand Slam tournament. The 14th seed Lebakina swept the pre-season quarterfinals Kostia 6-0 6-3 and won the first French Open championship of his career. The eighth seed Sabalenka defeated the American player Pecula 6-3 6-1 and successfully passed the first round. In addition, players such as Martic, Gerges and Kasakina advanced to the second round.

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France, Paris- Local On September 29, the 2020 French Open will continue the first round of women’s singles. The former youth world No. 1 Towson, who broke through from the qualifying round, saved two match points. After 2 hours and 45 minutes of fierce battle, he knocked out No. 21 seed Brady 6-4 3-6 9-7, and the Grand Slam match The first show was victorious.

After a glorious youth career, the Danish star has started quickly in the professional arena. Seven ITF singles champions have been accounted for so far. She did not have a world ranking in March last year, but she has soared rapidly in the last year and a half. This month she has broken through the TOP200 mark and is currently ranked 188th.

She won three consecutive qualifiers last week and entered the Grand Slam for the first time In the adult group race, Brady, who was in hot form this year, was drawn. The Americans just reached the semifinals of the Grand Slam for the first time at the US Open not long ago and have defeated Sharapova, Batty, Muguruza and Kobel and other famous players came to the French Open with a season record of 22 wins and 7 losses.

This is only the 17-year-old Danish player’s second appearance in the main tournament. She also played in Lugano last year as a qualifier, but lost to Rodina in three sets and stopped in the first round. Today, facing the top four of the New Science and the United States Open, the 2019 Australian Open youth division champions kicked off full firepower, blasting a total of 48 wins There are nine more points than Brady, and at the same time the most exciting moment shows a big heart.

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Towson won four points in a row in the final set 5-6 15-40 behind, and then broke the American Cannon’s serve even though she was in She wasted three match points when she was 7-6 in the lead and was broken, but she quickly adjusted her mentality and relaunched the offensive, even breaking the belt to end the fight on the fifth match point.

“We played a very exciting game today, maybe so far in my career A matchup of the highest quality,” Towson said, confessing that she did not hold high expectations before the game.

“I’m just grateful to play here and I’m very happy to play She played against players like her. My dream has come true. Then I won and I don’t know what to say now. It’s a great feeling. I’ve never experienced a match like this.”

“I think I am ready to reach this level, but you still have to work hard to reach the top 100 , I still have a long way to go.”

Her next round opponent is Former Australian Open semi-finals Collins, the latter reversed the qualifying player Niculescu 2-6 6-2 6-1.

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In another matchup, the 14th seed Lebakina only lost three games and swept the quarter-finals of the pre-match Kostia 6-0 6-3, winning the French Open for the first time. .

“I feel very happy. I hope to win a few more games and go in the lottery Go further,” Lebakina said after the game.

“Of course, my goal is to achieve good results in the competition. Now the French Open is a Opportunity, let’s see how it turns out.”

Kazakh, currently ranked 18th in the world Girl Stan just reached the fifth final of this year at Strasbourg a few days ago. She defeated the 84th ranked Romanian player in the world in only 65 minutes, and successfully advanced to the French Open for the second time. Second round.

The only time the two sides played against each other came from this year’s Doha station, when Lebakina overcame one set behind. The unfavorable situation reversed to win. This time the reunion, the No. 14 seed went smoothly and played seven consecutive rounds of attack, easily completing a double play against Costia.

The two players are basically the same in terms of winning points and unforced errors, but Lai Bagina cashed out five of the seven break points he got, and Costia only took one of the six break points. In addition, Lebakina also won 57%of points (23/40) in the opponent’s serve.

“I’m actually lucky because I finished the game and it’s raining now , The other games were suspended, but it was actually raining during the game,” Lebakina said,”I played well in the first set, which helped me a lot. I lost focus in the second set. , I lost a few games, but overall, I think I played quite well and played very calmly.”

“I played a few wonderful games in Strasbourg, and the final performance was also good. It was just a few mistakes and a few games that determined the outcome. For me, it was still very A good week. The final day was very cold. I had adapted to this climate before I came to Paris, so I was ready to face this kind of weather.”

Lebakina will face the local player Ferro in the next round. The latter made his debut after winning the Palermo. After two sets of fierce battles to 7- 6(4) 6-4 Rick Watson defeated his opponent for the first time in the third confrontation between the two sides this year, and won six consecutive victories on clay since the rematch.

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In the last game at the Susan Langlen Stadium, No. 8 seed Sabalenka easily defeated the American player Pecula 6-3 6-1. Successfully passed the first round.

This year’s Doha champion came to Paris in good condition. He was in Paris just last week. Strasbourg reached the first Tour Final Four after the tour restart.

The Belarusians continued their fiery touch and scored 21 winning points and broke Opponents served six games to avenge the loss in the third round of Cincinnati not long ago.

“I am very satisfied with this game,” Sabalenka said after the game ,”Regardless of the score, it can be said that I have tried my best to fight for every point.”

“She played very well, we had a fierce confrontation in Cincinnati, so I know this game will be difficult, and I am ready for a fierce battle.”

“This year’s competition conditions were quite difficult. The temperature was good today, but it was really cold the other day. But we didn’t The only way to control the weather is to learn to adapt. I think I’m doing pretty well.”

This is the second time that Sabalenka has come to the second round of the French Open in her career. She will face the top eight of the pre-season with Kasakina.

The Russian girl broke through from the qualifying round in Rome not long ago, playing against Azarenka’s Retired due to an ankle injury in the third round.

She recovered well this week and eliminated her wild card 6-2 6-1 The debut of the local player Hamoni Tan ended the five-game losing streak of the Grand Slam since the French Open last year.

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In other competitions, last year’s quarterfinals, No. 13 seed Martic, after two fierce battles, beat Japanese player Misaki Doi 7-6 (2) 7-5 and advanced to the second round. Will play against Kudmetova, who defeated Capamentier 6-2 6-3.

German star Gerges wasted three match points and lost the second set, but In the end, he defeated No. 19 seed Risk 6-3 6-7(4) 6-1 to avenge the loss in the third round of this year’s Australian Open and also reap the first main match victory since then.

She will face compatriot Sigmund in the next round, who will be in the first set 1- Saved seven points in the case of 5 behind, and finally defeated the local pre-match quarterfinals Muradnovic 7-5 6-3.

The 26th seed Vicky lost two sets in a row and lost 3-6 4-6. Photographed by Romanian qualifier Bara, he stopped the first round of the French Open again after three years.

Bara advances to the second round in his first Grand Slam tournament and gains a career The first TOP50 victory of his career. She will face Ujtfank in the next round, who will reverse Paterson 2-6 6-3 6-1.