Month: September 2020

The playing time this season exceeds the total of the previous career, the national football recruits launched an impact on Zhang Linpeng

Reporter Jia Yanfeng reported that in the latest national team training list, Dalian’s right back Tong Lei is on the list. Although the Chinese Super League is not over yet, Tong Lei’s playing time has exceeded the sum of all the past seasons combined. Perhaps it is because of the lack of playing time before and the ups and downs that made Tong Lei know how to face his own shortcomings and cherish his career. .


Youthful, short pleated skirt has the beauty of fairy tales!

According to legend, there was a handsome and brave hunter of the Miao nationality. He waited on the mountain for three days and three nights in order to send a favorite feather to his favorite Guliang, and finally captured a golden pheasant and gave it to Guliang.