Revenge is coming? After the Czech Speaker’s visit to Taiwan, Czech businessmen lost orders

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From August 30th to September 4th, Czech Senate President Vitzi led a large army to visit Taiwan. At a time when relations across the Taiwan Strait were tense, the Czech government blatantly provoked the one-China principle despite warnings from the mainland, which triggered strong protests from the Chinese mainland. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that the Czech Republic will pay a heavy price. The foreign minister’s speech was loud and loud, and the price to be paid by the Czech Republic came immediately.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

The sanctions have not yet begun, and some businessmen have retreated

The president of the well-known Czech piano manufacturer PETROF stated on September 4 that there are indeed mainland customers The President of the Czech Senate, Vitzi, led a delegation to visit Taiwan, temporarily canceling orders worth about 1.63 million yuan on the grounds of fear of sanctions. Petroff said that customers in Beijing and surrounding areas wrote to them that the government is likely to impose sanctions on the goods that the Czech Republic trades with. They cannot pay fines and can only request suspension of delivery. Petrovva said that with the uncertain prospects of bilateral relations, some mainland agents can only wait and see. It is not clear whether Petrov employees can successfully obtain visas from Mainland China to participate in the international musical instruments held in Shanghai at the end of October. exhibition.

PETROF Piano, established in 1864, is an important European piano manufacturer, with 35%of its turnover relying on mainland China. At present, the company is worried that the deterioration of relations between the Czech Republic and mainland China will have a negative impact on its business in the mainland. Last year, PETROF produced 6,000 pianos in mainland China under other brands.

Because of the severe impact of the new crown epidemic in Europe, PETROF’s original sales plan is difficult to achieve. Now it is estimated that it will reduce the original scheduled sales by 1/5, while China The mainland market only started to recover in July this year. If mainland China sanctions Czech companies, including Petrov, then Petrov’s life will be even more difficult.

The President of the Czech Republic leads a delegation to visit Taiwan, and the controversy is huge

The Czech delegation visited Taiwan this time with 89 people, including senators, mayors, representatives of many companies, scientific research, academia, and cultural circles. Regardless of whether it is in Taiwan or in the Czech Republic, huge controversies have arisen.

Netizens on the island talked about “if there is no quarantine, what to do if something happens” and “what is the use of the delegation, it is a waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Many people in the Czech Republic have accused Vitzy of being a bogus public and private, and wanting to seek personal benefits by creating cross-strait topics.

As ​​for whether Vitzy’s visit to Taiwan will affect relations with mainland China, Czech Foreign Minister Petrček rightly believes that this trip will not affect the Czech Republic and the mainland The Czech Republic is still willing to engage in strategic dialogue with the mainland. However, this is probably a idiot.

The Taiwan authorities are certainly happy for the Czech Speaker to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan. Spokesperson Xie Peifen said that Vitzy’s visit was”not succumbing to Beijing pressure.”

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September 3, Czech Senate President Vitzy conveyed a letter of thanks from Kojialo’s widow, and Tsai Ing-wen gave it to the Czech Republic Medal for the late President of the Senate and President of the Republic of Ke Jialuo

The mainland has retaliated against the Czech Republic with so many means

As ​​for the visit of the Czech Speaker to Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian made a strong response. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and the Ministry of National Defense have stated that they firmly oppose any country’s official exchanges with Taiwan in any form and urge relevant countries to immediately correct their mistakes, abide by the one-China principle, and prohibit interference in China’s internal affairs. The Chinese side condemns this despicable act and urges the Czech side to abide by the one-China principle and handle Taiwan-related issues correctly and cautiously.

At that time, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Europe at the time, reiterated that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory and challenged the one-China principle on the Taiwan issue. The enemy of the Chinese people is an act of international treachery.

Wang Yi warned, “The Chinese government and the Chinese people will never let the Czech Senate President’s public provocation and the anti-China forces behind it just let it go. Let him pay a heavy price for his short-sighted behavior and political speculation.”

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang recently met with the Czech Ambassador to China Tong Fude. Qin Gang pointed out that Witte Qi’s visit to Taiwan is”risking the world’s disgrace”, and mainland China will certainly respond as necessary.

However, it is still unknown what retaliatory measures mainland China will take. Some analysts say whether it will kick the Czech Republic out of the One Belt One Road policy, China cancels cargo trains to the Czech Republic? Or will the ECFA framework agreement, which will expire in September this year, no longer be renewed in order to combat Taiwan’s economic development, or will it step up efforts to poach Taiwan’s allies?

Li Zhenguang, deputy dean of the Institute of Taiwan Studies at Peking Union University, said that the Czech Republic has openly challenged the one-China principle, and the mainland foreign affairs and Taiwan authorities will definitely develop a set of sanctions Measures. (Guo Yunan)