Sun Xingmin scored 4 goals in 29 minutes,”big four” to conquer the Premier League

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On the evening of September 20th, in the second round of the Premier League, Tottenham beat Southampton by 5-2. Tottenham’s South Korean star Sun Xingmin scored 4 goals in 29 minutes, staged the”big four” and shocked the football world.

Kane assists, Sun Xingmin’s”big four”

As the league lost to Everton at home in the first round of the league, Tottenham and coach Mourinho The pressure is not small. Although the opponent in this round is not a strong team, it was Southampton who took the lead after the opening. At a critical moment, Sun Xingyun stood up and scored four goals in a row, leading Tottenham to complete a major reversal. Sun Xingmin became the first Asian player to complete his big four in the Premier League, and Sun Xingmin only took 4 shots for 4 goals, which was extremely efficient.

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Sun Xingmin’s first ball

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Sun Xingmin’s second ball

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Sun Xingmin The third goal

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Sun Xingmin’s fourth goal

A closer look, Sun Xingmin’s 4 goals are actually very similar. They are all center Kai Kai En vacated the space in the middle, and Sun Xingmin went straight into the middle in the back row. Sun Xingming and Kane’s combination of match, this is the first time in Premier League history, a single player (Kane) 4 assists another player (Sun Xingming). Since Son Xingmin made his Premier League debut in August 2015, Son Xingmin and Kane have teamed up to score 24 goals, which is the two-man combination with the most goals in the same period. In the past four seasons, Sun Xingmin has scored double-digit goals in the Premier League. Last season, he scored the best goal of the Premier League season with a single goal. In the new season, Sun Xingmin scored 4 goals in just two rounds. Once again, scoring double figures in a single season is not a problem.

Tottenham’s performance in one league and one Europa League in the new season was very weak, and this round finally swept away the decline and got a beautiful victory. What makes Tottenham fans even more happy is that the team has a perfect and highly efficient offensive model. If Kane can always make room for Sun Xingmin like this game, Sun Xingmin will probably score 20 goals this season, which will create a personal scoring record.

Give back the kindness and save the Mourinho in the”distressed”

This game is most grateful to Sun Xingmin or Mourinho. If this game is played by Nanamp After an upset, then it is estimated that Mourinho is not far from get out of class. Therefore, when the team fell behind 0:1, Mourinho looked pale; even at 1:1 and 2:1, he was not happy at all, because the situation is still unclear. Until Sun Xingmin completed the hat-trick, the team had a 3-1 lead, Mourinho finally released the pressure, stood up from the coaching bench, and continued to celebrate. Sun Xingmin also became the second Asian player to perform a hat trick in the history of the Premier League. The first place was former Manchester United Japanese star Kagawa Shinji. On March 2, 2013, Manchester United beat Norwich 4-0. Kagawa Shinji wore a cap. Seven years later, there are Asian players wearing caps in the Premier League.

After Sun Xingmin’s hat-trick, Mourinho breathed a sigh of relief

In the 73rd minute, Sun Xingmin completed the”big four”, 4:1 also let Tottenham Completely locked in the victory, Mourinho stood up excitedly at this time, and kept applauding. And Sun Xingmin also made a 4 gesture, ecstatic to celebrate.

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After Sun Xingmin’s fourth birthday, Mourinho applauded to celebrate

In fact, Mourinho has always liked Sun Xingmin, who is on the court, and his warm-up before the season The game even made the Korean captain of Tottenham. How much does Mourinho like Sun Xingmin? He is even learning Korean in order to better communicate with Sun Xingmin. Mourinho is already fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian, and Korean will be his seventh language challenge. Mourinho said:“Communication is a very important part of the coaching process. I must learn everyone’s native language to make sure they understand what I mean. When communicating with players, I will try to use their native language as much as possible. I am learning Korean.” Sun Xingmin’s performance in this field also perfectly rewarded Mourinho’s appreciation. Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Tang Min

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