The Beijing Winter Olympic Village model room debuted, revealing the details of the interior design

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The Beijing News Express (Reporter Wu Jiaoying) today (September 12), Beijing Winter Olympic Village Outer Eaves and Model Room The official appearance to the outside world marks that the Winter Olympic Village project will fully enter the stage of interior decoration. According to the plan, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village will be completed by the end of this year.

According to Chen Weidong, general manager of Beitou Group, which is responsible for the construction and operation of Beijing Winter Olympic Village, Beijing Winter Olympic Village can provide 2,338 beds during the Winter Olympics, and about 1,040 beds during the Winter Paralympics; After the game, Beijing Winter Olympic Village will soon be converted into a public rental housing for talents in Beijing.

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The model room of the public rental housing for talents in Beijing Winter Olympic Village will be rented for talents in line with the strategic positioning of the capital city. Photograph/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

20 houses are enclosed into six courtyards, with gardens in each building and scenery in every household

General Manager of Beijing Winter Olympic Village The building area is about 330,000 square meters and consists of 20 houses. The planning and design concept comes from the courtyard form of Beijing Siheyuan. It is arranged in a triple or quadrangular arrangement. 20 buildings are enclosed into six courtyards. Through enclosed and open space changes, a community belonging to the building with gardens and households with scenery is formed. sense.

In the center of each courtyard, there is a classical central garden. The design is inspired by the traditional Chinese ice sports activity picture book”Ice Play Picture” during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The landscape planting adopts cold-resistant plants such as bamboo and plum blossoms to create the artistic conception of Chinese classical gardens in the snow and plum blossoms. The entrance gate and building façade adopt grille and bucket arch patterns refined from traditional Chinese architecture, highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture.

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The exterior curtain wall of Beijing Winter Olympic Village was unveiled. Photograph/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

This morning, the project constructors are finishing the exterior curtain wall of the Winter Olympic Village. The first two floors of the outer curtain wall and podium of Beijing Winter Olympic Village are made of stone curtain walls.”In order to reduce the chromatic aberration of the stone, the software is used to simulate the typesetting of the stone during the construction. After the manufacturer pre-installs and compares, the marking is carried out and then the on-site installation is carried out. The combination of aluminum plate and glass curtain wall is used for more than 3 layers, and the aluminum plate and glass are strictly controlled. Quality, precise prefabrication is carried out in the factory, and installation is carried out on-site through assembly.” said Qu Chen, the project manager of the Winter Olympic Village Project Department of Beitou Group.

According to reports, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village will also be built into a square area with a welcome square, flag arrays and a truce wall. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the flag-raising ceremonies of various delegations and the signing of the Truce Wall will be held here.

Eight houses have roof farms, where residents can participate in planting

The reporter saw at the site of the Beijing Winter Olympic Village project that the athlete’s apartment unveiled this time The model room is a 220 square meter apartment, each with 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room and storage room. All rooms are equipped with complete facilities for the disabled. Two bathrooms are designed to be barrier-free. The bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms have enough space for driving wheelchairs, which can meet the living life of disabled athletes.

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The staff demonstrated the barrier-free living environment of Beijing Winter Olympic Village. Photograph/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

Qu Chen introduced that for the first time, Beijing Winter Olympic Village has adopted a “healthy building” system on a large scale.”If the healthy buildings advocated by the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics pay more attention to low-carbon and energy-saving, the Winter Olympic Village of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 will be more’people-oriented’ in terms of air, water, thermal comfort, acoustic environment, and materials. Pay attention to the feelings of the residents and provide them with a healthier environment and facilities.”

For example, Beijing Winter Olympic Village uses a multi-stage water purification device to filter microorganisms and residual chlorine to efficiently remove microorganisms and pesticide residues in the water. , Heavy metals, etc., to provide residents with clean domestic water and direct drinking water. The toilet adopts the same-layer drainage system, which eliminates the noise generated by multi-layer drainage and prevents the spread of germs.

On the first floor of many houses, there is also a dedicated gym, which provides athletes with treadmills, bench press dumbbells, horizontal bars and other fitness equipment. The interior of the walking stairs has also been optimized for lighting, lighting, and ventilation, and green plants have been placed.

In addition, Beijing Winter Olympic Village also selected 8 residential buildings, designed a roof farm with a total of 4,620 square meters on the roof, creating edible vegetables and garden space, and providing gardening and farming tools for the residents Participate directly in the cultivation of the farm.”During the game, the farm can provide athletes with green and pollution-free fresh vegetables, and athletes can also relax by participating in labor and socializing.”

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In the model room of the athletes’ apartment in Beijing Winter Olympic Village, the toilet is barrier-free. Facilities and space are enough to promote the use of wheelchairs. Photograph/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

Each room has an independent fresh air system, and athletes can check the air quality at any time

Indoor air quality is a healthy building WELL certification The first concept in the standard is also a concern in the”post-epidemic era”. Beijing Winter Olympic Village has established an independent fresh air system for each room, and public spaces such as elevator rooms and entrance halls are also equipped with fresh air systems.

Qu Chen told reporters that the fresh air system uses a high-efficiency haze removal module and an ozone removal module. The fresh air volume is increased by 30%on the basis of the general national standard, effectively reducing the indoor carbon dioxide concentration, even if the room is not open. It can also continue to provide fresh air indoors,”Beijing Winter Olympic Village has realized a real’breathing’ residence”.

According to his introduction, Beijing Winter Olympic Village has set up a small weather station outdoors to measure parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, temperature and relative humidity. An air quality monitoring system is established in each room, and PM2.5, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other monitoring sensors are installed in the main functional areas of each house and public areas in the building. The fresh air system can automatically adjust the fresh air volume according to the monitoring data to ensure indoor air quality.

Athletes can also check the indoor and outdoor air quality information through the LCD display and mobile APP in the room, and improve the perception of the surrounding environment, and can do it without leaving home Good air”sees” it.

Beijing News reporter Wu Jiaoying Coordinating reporter Wang Jianing

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