Three companies in Liaocheng have been assessed as the advanced customs certification company AEO certification becomes”real money”

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Dazhong.com·Poster reporter Qiao Siya reported from Liaocheng

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=fb618bb513cbea65cb80febc22f8f81f - Three companies in Liaocheng have been assessed as the advanced customs certification company AEO certification becomes"real money"

On September 29, after strict on-site certification by Jinan Customs, Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd., Shandong Fengxiang Food Development Co., Ltd. and Shandong Fengxiang Industry Co., Ltd. have successfully passed the advanced customs certification and become the advanced customs certification enterprises. So far, the number of advanced certification enterprises in the Liaocheng Customs area has reached 8.

Customs advanced certification enterprise, namely AEO (certified operator), is the highest level of customs credit management. AEO advanced certification companies can enjoy the lowest inspection rate, exemption of guarantees, reduction of audit frequency, establishment of coordinators, priority customs clearance, and trustworthy joint incentives given by 40 departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Bank of China. At the same time, they can also enjoy the realization of AEO with my country The customs clearance facilitation measures provided by the customs of 42 countries and regions in 15 economies that are mutually recognized have effectively reduced the trade costs of corporate ports, insurance, and logistics. According to statistics, the overseas inspection rate of Chinese AEO companies has decreased by more than 50%on average, and the customs clearance time has been shortened by more than 30%on average. In addition to these”obvious” advantages, as more and more countries around the world join the AEO mutual recognition mechanism, advanced customs certification companies will also have the ability to break through the trading conditions set by some importing countries and enjoy the” Hidden” convenience. Exporting enterprises can obtain this”golden sign”, which will have a stimulating effect for enterprises to unblock trade channels, expand international markets, and expand foreign trade orders.

According to Liu Nan, a staff member of Liaocheng Customs, to become a high-level customs certification enterprise, it needs to meet the requirements of internal control, financial status, compliance with laws and regulations, and trade security, including 17 articles and 31 strict standards. The company’s AEO advanced certification is not only a ‘golden sign’, but more importantly, it has passed strict assessments. It can help enterprises to integrate with international standards in management, thereby enhancing global competitiveness.

“Since this year, Liaocheng Customs has taken the cultivation of corporate credit as a powerful tool to do a good job of”six stability” and implement the task of”six guarantees”, helping honest enterprises to turn crises into opportunities and smooth the world.” Ma Guoliang, Deputy Commissioner of Liaocheng Customs, said that on the one hand, Liaocheng Customs actively uses platforms such as the”Water City Golden Key” to provide consultations for companies, and promptly provide business reminders, warnings and policy guidelines. On the other hand, it optimizes certification services and has selected 21 companies. Carry out”one-to-one” credit cultivation and policy presentations, help companies standardize internal control, law compliance, and trade safety management, actively carry out online and offline counseling, help improve the level of corporate management, help companies pass certification, and obtain customs”credit” Brand”. Since the beginning of this year, Liaocheng has added 4 high-level customs certification enterprises, accounting for 50%of the newly added volume in Jinan Customs Area, ranking first in Jinan Customs in the number of passes.

“As a capital-intensive company, we can apply for tax exemption guarantee from the customs while we have obtained the honor of being a high-level certification company,” said Yu Jing, manager of the trade service department of Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd. At present, the amount of tariff guarantee insurance policies that companies need to submit each year is 100 million yuan. After applying for tax exemption guarantees, they can save about 10 million yuan in corporate capital costs each year. Our company can also greatly improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce operating costs.”

Deputy Commissioner Ma Guoliang said that in the next step, Liaocheng Customs will earnestly implement the policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment issued by Jinan Customs and the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and City Government, fully promote the work of advanced certification enterprises, conduct extensive investigations, and find out Enterprise base, as long as the enterprise has the needs and meets the basic conditions and standards, Liaocheng Customs will focus on cultivating it, and it should push it to the fullest to strive for greater policy dividends for the enterprises in its jurisdiction.