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1. Cycle

Baby born in the poor family, old man passing away in Fudi; microscopic trembling particles, macroscopic colliding nebula; great elephants, ancient universe; heaven and earth Everything is unknown; the sun, the moon and the stars, the week does not end. There are many magical mysteries and laws in nature, and the cycle is such a regular phenomenon.

24 hours is a rotation cycle of the earth, that is, one day. In 12 months, the earth orbits the sun once, which is a year, and a quarter of it is a season when the cold and the hot, the vegetation is up and down. Every 225 million to 250 million years, the solar system completes a cycle in orbit around the Milky Way, called a galactic year. Every quarter of a galactic year, life on Earth will experience a cycle of mass extinction.

The law of elements arranged in increasing order of atomic number forms the chemical periodic table; the division and differentiation of embryonic cells contributes to the evolution of the biological cycle. The heart’s cyclical rhythms reflect the vitality of life; human cells renew a cycle every 28 days to complete the continuation of life; women complete physiological changes every 7 years and men every 8 years. These Both are the periodic laws of human life movement.

Astronomy and calendars are the source and beginning of all civilizations. Spring sowing and autumn harvesting. If you miss the key farming hours, you cannot guarantee a stable harvest of agriculture. Our ancestors discovered the correlation between the celestial cycle and agricultural production. , It gave birth to the splendid Chinese civilization.

Economic prosperity and decline, and people’s livelihood are in distress. A cycle is over and a new cycle begins. These changing laws are not closed and simple cycles, but open and complex cycle oscillations, behind which there are deep laws that we can’t see. Between different cycles, the long cycle and the short cycle may even overlap and nest, resulting in a more complex cycle system.

Second, iteration

The changing laws of nature seem to follow a simple, harmonious and symmetrical rule, which seems to reveal a symmetrical equilibrium The world, a world that can be understood.

14 billion years ago, at the beginning of the universe Big Bang, the mass of all particles was zero, and all the forces It is symmetrical in all directions, but unstable. When the temperature of the universe begins to cool, the Higgs field changes to the lowest energy vacuum state. At this time, the symmetry disappears, and the particles absorb the force fields of different energies and obtain different masses, and complex matter is born. If there is no symmetry broken, the equal amount of positive matter and antimatter produced by the big bang will be annihilated, releasing energy, and the universe will be empty. Fortunately, because of this symmetry, there will be a tiny Deviation, for every 1 million positive and anti-matter particles, there is one more positive matter particle, positive matter appears in surplus, the universe is filled with galaxies, suns, stars, and planets, and the material world is born. There are also many examples of symmetry breaking in nature:parity non-conservation under weak force, asymmetry between particles and antiparticles, symmetry breaking of chiral molecules, and so on.

Symmetry breaking is the way things are different. If there is symmetry, there must be symmetry breaking. If there is no broken symmetry, everything will be monotonous, mechanical, and lack of vitality in the process of folding.

In traditional cognition, the living body, like the masterpiece of the Creator, should be symmetrical and beautiful, and its left and right enantiomers should be equal, but this is not the case. Compounds in organisms exhibit chiral characteristics, and this left-right asymmetry is precisely the embodiment of vitality. It is the enzyme in the organism that maintains this imbalance between left and right. Once the organism dies, the enzyme loses its activity and the biochemical reaction stops. This shows that life is closely related to the asymmetry of molecules. Life comes from the feedback-based autocatalytic mechanism that magnifies small differences through loop iterations, and so does the social structure. There are all kinds of asymmetric differences in nature. What can magnify such differences is the result of iterative generation of things in constant choices. Universe time and space, various particles, various interaction relationships, and the entire complex and diverse nature, including human society itself, are all products of spontaneously broken symmetry.

Tao begets one, one life two, two begets three, three begets everything. One is born out of nothing. In the second life, yin and yang are born by”being”, yin and yang are chiral symmetry, forming the vortex-like structure of yin and yang fish. Two produces three, from the symmetry of yin and yang to the broken symmetry, that is, the difference. The static symmetry of”yin and yang” cannot produce everything. Only the”three” with broken symmetry creates difference and creates a multitude of things. The difference in everything is essentially just the difference in the sequence of information shown by the amount of yin and yang. After countless iterations and evolutions, this difference has led to dynamic changes in the generation of everything.

3. Emergence

Based on the comprehensive analysis and empirical theory of Descartes and Bacon, Newton established a reductionist method and created modern science Great success. This method has become the basic feature of modern scientific thinking, and the depth of scientific research depends to a certain extent on the depth of reduction. In reductionism, the world is linear, simple, discrete, stable, and perfect. Modern physics restores the essence of world existence to the level of elementary particles and their interactions. Biology restores life to the level of molecular biology. The complex world is clearly reduced to an independent existence without losing its original characteristics. Elementary particles and knowledge about the world are also broken down into various disciplines and departments. Reductionism has taken a great step in the development of science and technology in human society. Methodologically speaking, reduction belongs to linear analysis, which is a type of scientism, which symbolizes certainty, unity and order. It decomposes the problem into parts and then arranges them in logical order. The typical method is to simply transplant and apply the method of solving a problem at one level to another level. Its limitation is that it cannot explain why a method at one level can be applied to another level.

The complexity of the real world goes far beyond logic. The emergence of chaos theory reveals that the world is nonlinear, with a lot of uncertainty, contingency, and randomness. In theory, natural selection is not a necessary condition for the generation of complex things. Once the system structure becomes sufficiently complex, there are a large number of nodes controlling other nodes, and complex and self-organizing behaviors will emerge.

“Emerging” refers to the unpredictable and complex phenomenon created by the simple interaction behaviors between individuals in a system. Ant colonies, neural networks, immune systems, the Internet, and even the world economy, etc., as long as the overall behavior of a process is far more complex than the parts that constitute it, it can be called”emergence.””Emerging” does not exist in any single element, but a characteristic of the system when the low level constitutes the high level. It is the result of the nonlinear interaction between the adaptive subjects of the system.

Linear relations have a unique optimal solution, while non-linear relations vary greatly, and multiple optimal solutions can exist at the same time. Linearity is a special case of non-linearity. It is a simple proportional relationship. The functions of each part are discrete and independent of each other. However, in nonlinearity, the interlaced influences of various parts occur and the coupling effect occurs. The effect is multi-scale and continuous. This is the fundamental reason for the complexity and diversity of nonlinear problems. In a nonlinear system, various factors lose their independence, the principle of superposition fails, and the whole is not equal to the sum of the parts. Emergence is centered on interaction, which is more complicated than the simple accumulation of individual behaviors. Therefore, for nonlinear problems, only the whole system can be analyzed as a whole. Once the whole system is decomposed into several components, the result will lose its meaning.

Non-linear space is Riemann space, which is a multi-dimensional space, such as parallel space, ten-degree space, quantum space and so on. The past, present and future are just different points on a certain infinite Riemann space grid, and there is no difference in order. In this multi-dimensional space, what happens in all time periods can become a space for individual presentation. This kind of time mark is embodied in space, and there is the possibility of any combination sequence. This is the time crystal. It is no longer a simple system, but presents the characteristics of a dynamic, broken, uncertain, generated, and pleated complex system. Correspondingly, our cognitive structure also has infinite diversity, which may be the code of any kind of sequence. Any kind of cognitive structure can constitute a grand model system. Unlike other model systems, it is dynamic and generated. The so-called”existence” is only a fragment of this system, and there is even no fragment of this system. The unique categories and distinguishing definitions compiled in this cognitive system are all smooth, nomadic, and interrelated. If”existence” is an infinite possibility, then”perception” is one of the countless possibilities that your senses belong to and can experience in a limited time and space. Every person and every kind of cognitive structure can make its own unique division and order of continuous objective existence.

Why can human beings stand out as the spirit of all things? Human society develops as a result of exchanges. Every individual with difference has a comparative advantage. Through the exchange of materials, information, and ideas, it will have two positive influences:In terms of individuals, each individual’s comparative advantage tends to be more specialized; In terms of society as a whole, the efficiency of the entire society will be more and more optimized. A hundred years ago, an outstanding craftsman could make an exquisite clock alone. Today, one hundred years later, no one can make a mobile phone or even a mouse independently. This high degree of social organization caused by exchange is the way human society progresses. This is the emerging phenomenon that human society is continuing to take place.

Four, the world

One yin and one yang are the Tao, Yang is a dominant linear law, and yin is a recessive nonlinear law. The difference between Chinese culture and Western culture is this holistic thinking that includes linear and nonlinear. The Tao of the Three Talents in Zhouyi is divided into heaven, humanity, and underground, and the combination of two forms six lines. The so-called three-talented way of heaven, earth and man, that is, the way of establishing the sky is Yin and Yang, the way of establishing the earth is soft and rigid, the way of establishing human beings is benevolence and righteousness, yin and yang, rigidity and softness, benevolence and justice are used repeatedly. The interaction between the time, the right place, and the harmony of people, after many iterations, continues to emerge and unify, forming divergent changes.

“Easy” and”Tao” are the roots of Chinese culture. This is a holistic thought that flows from the source into the hands. The constructive system of high-rise buildings allows people to understand the source, essence, and overall , Understand and grasp the world. Yi means that the world is always in an iterative change of a complex system, and Tao is the whole of this change, an infinite whole. Western philosophy is a layer-by-layer restoration from the end to the original, and believes that the phenomenon, partial, fragmented, definite, and ultimate scattered fragments are the source of knowledge and wisdom. This difference has created two completely different cultural systems between the East and the West.

Chinese culture has two distinctive features. One is the inheritance from generation to generation, that is, the descendants keep offering sacrifices. In other words, as long as a person’s children and grandchildren have not been extinct, his life will continue, and he has not really died. A generation is like the prosperity and decline of vegetation. As long as the roots of life are still there, as long as the seeds of culture are still there, the nation can be passed on from generation to generation. This is an eternity of constant iteration. This is rare in other ethnic cultures. Western culture generally believes that people live to have a destination after death. They don’t think of their offspring as a continuation of their own life, but a completely separated and independent life individual. They do not seek the inheritance of the world in reality, but only seek the illusory eternity of a certain religion that is imagined in the afterlife world and does not exist at all.

The other is the concept of”Tianxia”. The ancient and splendid Chinese culture regards the world as a whole, the Chinese civilization is at the core, and the outside world is the wilderness of civilization. From the pre-Qin feudal system to the later unified imperial system, the concept of the world has not only become a historical inheritance from generation to generation, but also a set of social governance norms, a system of cultural meaning, a set of legal basis for power, and a global Way. It is the Tao of Heaven that can maintain the world and the inheritance of all generations. After the unification of the Qin Dynasty, the Chinese civilization fell into a cycle of about 12 generations and 300 years. Why did this cycle occur? Lao Tzu revealed the law of the movement of Tao 2500 years ago:”The way of the heavens damages the excess and makes up for the deficiency. The way of man is otherwise, the damage is not enough to provide the excess.”

Everything is endless, Tiandao neither regards the generated things as their own private property and enslaves them, nor does it favor one or the other. The world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog. The way of heaven operates without favoritism, neither kindness nor coldness. All things in the world are the same in the eyes of heaven. This means that the world is the public. The way of heaven, flattening the mountains and filling the valleys, is not because it hates the mountains and loves the valleys, but gains or loses because of things or losses. This law is embodied in all levels of the great world and all sentient beings. This is the natural law of the movement of heaven.

The way of man is just the opposite of the way of heaven. Human nature is selfish. After the small differences are amplified by multiple generations, the rich will gradually become richer and the poor will become poorer. This is the natural nature of humans. Every individual is different and selfish. Yes, it has nothing to do with right or wrong. This is the 28th rule and the Matthew effect. But when the gap in personal wealth accumulation is getting bigger and bigger, from small-scale to large-scale, from the competition of free capital to the merger of monopoly capital. After 12 generations, when a very small number of people in society control most of the wealth, the class is solidified, fairness and justice are unbalanced, the upper and lower exchanges and optimal allocation of talent, capital, and speech are gradually frozen and locked, and an isolated society appears at the beginning The problem gradually becomes involuted. When any improvement measures are powerless, the social system will eventually collapse. Like a major earthquake, everything will be overthrown and restarted, opening another cycle of the rise and fall of a new dynasty. In these troubled times, the population has been halved, and the prosperous generations have been turned into broken monuments. The society as a whole has paid a huge price. For individuals, whether it is a manor or a grassroots under such a covered nest, they are like ants and cannot control themselves. Life, let alone dignity.

Heaven and humanity are a unity of contradictions. Humanity is the power source of difference and vitality, and heaven is the natural enemy of alienated and out-of-control monopoly capital. Only the unity of heaven and humanity can achieve a world without relatives and estrangements, without interference, without distinction between noble and inferior, and full of vitality. This is the goal and ideal of social governance with oriental characteristics.

Compared with Chinese culture, the core of Western culture is the linear governance model of duality between master and slave. Even in the modern democratic era, the”nipples” strategy represented by Brzezinski is still stubbornly Continuing the spirit of the”Colosseum” that the ancient Romans were entertaining to the death, with venting entertainment and satisfying games, the soap operas, idol dramas, star making, entertainment gossip, reality shows, various variety shows, etc. are filled with sensory stimulation The pastimes and entertainment fill people’s lives, let the public indulge in comfort and enjoyment, and then lose the ability to think and struggle. This is a manifestation of the maximization of human nature and a sign of the future road to the West.

The world is standing at a crossroad, east or west? Countless people are silently thinking and making their own choices. The future is bound to be a new world!

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