4-1 victory over Lazio, Gasperini:Can you ask me after 20 rounds

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Live it, October 1st, Beijing time, in the early morning of October 1st, Beijing time in the first round of a Serie A make-up match, Atlanta won 4-1 away from homeLazio, captain Alessandro Gomez scored twice.

After the game, Atlanta coach Gasperini told Sky Sports Italia:”We created a lot of scoring opportunities. After the intermission, we could have scored more goals. This is a team full of confidence. The team reached a kind of balance and was able to face such a tough game with a tough attitude. I don’t need to remind them that we led 3-0 last season but the score ended up 3-3, because this is In a completely different game, the boys still kept their focus.”

Regarding the captain Alessandro Gomez, Gasperini said:”Gomez scored a shot. Very beautiful goal. He is a player who can play in any position. Now he is at his peak. He is a very hard-working player, but at the critical moment of the game, he can provide a spark of creativity and let us finally Achieved very good results.”

“We scored a lot of teamwork goals. While looking forward to Gomez’s brilliant performance, we also saw Hartbauer’s two consecutive games Scored goals, this is a sign of the team’s growth. Our goal is to let everyone in the team have a good plan underfoot, we will never stop improving our technical capabilities. I think this is our past It’s not correct to say that we are just running desperately on the field where we have improved the most in the past few years.”

Regarding striker Ilysic, Gasperini said:”I’m not sure if he can return to the previous I have doubts about the state, but today I have more confidence because he has taken an important step in the past two weeks. He started training with his teammates last Sunday. If he returns, we will be a better team. A strong team.”

“At least before one month, we played three games a week, so I will have more rotations than before.”

Regarding whether Atlanta can become a title contender, Gasperini said:”We can get a boost, but the Serie A title contender that can be talked about now is Juventus , Inter Milan and Naples. Ask me again after the 20th round!”

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