A thousand miles together

By yqqlm yqqlm

People may have sorrow or joy,

be near or far apart,

The moon may be dim or bright,

wax or wane,

This has been going on

since the beginning of time.

People have sorrows and joys.

The moon has cloudy and sunny


This matter is difficult to complete

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May we all be blessed with longevity

Though far apart,

we are still able to share

the beauty of the moon together.

I hope people will last forever

Qianli Gongchanjuan

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in heaven, Godfrey. Remember to eat mooncake.

High in heaven, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ! Remember to eat moon cakes!

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My favorite mooncake is Egg-yolk lotus seed paste mooncake(蛋黄莲蓉月饼), how about yours?

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