alert! Norway discovers new variant of new coronavirus that spreads faster

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Norwegian health agency confirmed that a new variant of the new coronavirus was discovered in the central city of Trondheim , Its communication ability is stronger.

The chief physician of Trondheim, Tover Rostad, said that they sent the virus samples to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on the 16th.”Preliminary analysis results show that this is a new variant.”

Rostad told the Norwegian National Radio reporter on the 19th:“We don’t know where this virus comes from. It has never appeared in Norway. We also searched international databases and we didn’t find it. Over.”

According to him, the Norwegian health agency determined that this variant of the new coronavirus is spreading faster.

Norwegian National Radio reported that after the outbreak in Trondheim, about 1,000 people in the city were quarantined last week, and 800 of them had been to a bar in the suburbs. The local government said that the epidemic has been brought under control.

As of the 19th, a total of 16,456 confirmed cases of the new crown in Norway and 278 deaths.

Original title:Norway has discovered a new variant of the new coronavirus